15 ways to Good health deprived due to Digital revolution

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You know how important health is ? Yes (on behalf of you) then are you taking enough care about you ? (Just think for a minute & then continue reading)
If your answer is Yes then Congratulations on your accomplishment as staying healthy is one of the biggest achievement in current lifestyle. Let’s come to answer NO, It is not like that you don’t want to be healthy (else you wouldn’t be reading this post) but you are unable to be maintain your health due to numerous reasons.

Digital revolution is at its peaks now and due to which most of the time we get engaged with gadgets and most of our work places also have become stagnant as they demand us to be seated in one place for long amount of time, especially IT industry employees, bloggers, coders, website developers & designers etc. But taking care of health is more important because by taking care of your health you will earn more time and indeed increase your efficiency in order to achieve & accomplish much more.

Let’s have a look some of the simple tips you can follow.

Yoga or Exercise

Exercise helps you in keeping your body fit & fresh everyday, while most of the exercises concentrate on burning out the

Yoga or Exercise
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calories & by that ensuring health while YOGA is a very different type of exercise. It focuses on your metabolism (The ability to digest the food taken by you & convert it into energy).

If you are not fit and a bit over-weight & want to reduce your weight quickly then you can go to Gym & achieve your fitness quickly & then you can start Yoga as you don’t need to go out to a Gym for doing Yoga but once if you can attend training of Yoga and start practicing it then you will be fit both mentally & physically this is a dual advantage provided by Yoga.

Yoga also helps you in increasing your efficiency, concentration, faith in yourself to achieve much more.


You might have heard this many times about meditation but really this a wonderful technique in staying mentally healthy. Everyone says that one can do meditation to stay healthy but what exactly is meditation ? Even I had this question, let me tell you the answer based on my experience.

Meditation is the activity of on introspecting (watching) your thoughts and trying to control them by focusing on useful ones rather than useless.

In more detail it helps in increasing our ability to focus on what we need & on what is useful to us rather than focusing on what ever comes to our mind as our mind is a reservoir of thoughts.

Image Credit : praveenben


Books are a person’s best friends.

You can carry them anywhere you want & speak to the author through his writing so that you can understand what is he trying to convey through his book which might be his experiences, lessons he has been taught, miseries he has suffered and withstood and finally the success he has achieved.

But be a bit careful while choosing a book because now a days the market is flooded with all types of books, if you fall into the hands of a wrong which can influence you to become a lower person than a higher one.

Try to read Biographies, Autobiographies of great people so that we can get inspired by their will power & persistence in spite of the hard ships they have faced.

Casual walk

I have heard a phrase from one writer Yendamuri Veerendranath saying that, Everyone should do personal Dating. He means that everyone has to spend some time with himself/herself alone for sometime either once in a week through going to a walk in a nice park & enjoying the scenic beauty.

Speding time with Yourself
Image Credit : flickr.com

We will explore an inner peace within ourselves when we try to enjoy the nature with ourselves alone, at least sometime we have to spend with ourselves so that we can know ourselves better, our strengths, our weaknesses, our likes & dislikes so that we can work for the things which can make us happier.


Stress is a mechanism needed for human beings when he/she tends to perform activities which they haven’t done before then why not make it our friend & use it to our benefit instead of leaving it as an enemy and allow it to win over us.

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Service to the needy

Let me be practical that not every body like me and you are fortunate to have everything we have, so we need to develop empathy (which is considered as the quality a human being can only possess), the dictionary meaning being to think being in the shoes of other person.

The joy which you get by giving something to the needy is priceless and will fill your heart with tonnes & tonnes of happiness which  you can ever imagine because I have felt those happiness & peace by the serving others. I don’t do service as I am very good, I am a bit selfish – I will do good to others as it gives me a lot of happiness in return. You also give it a try, be a bit selfish to serve others & it will give a dose to happycotine (Happiness drug).

Learning a new skill

Always try to learn something new otherwise we become stagnant & don’t learn anything just for the sake of learning and then forgetting it within no time. Search for the things which most interest you like a music instrument, a game, a skill or art anything because our brain is said to have two parts Right & Left.

Right brain is activated or gets used whenever we do something creative, original, challenging etc. while the left one is calculative , logical, routine etc. which always thinks about numbers, wins, profit & loss etc. both are important & both should be used but how can we use both of them, I have heard Albert Einstein used to Play Violin whenever he gets bored of his regular work i.e., he used to give rest to his left brain by making use of his Right brain.


Sleep helps us in healing our body parts and our mind with a proper pause from daily busy life. Due to the digital gadgets and digital work places even people are carrying work to home also through which they are not even finding peace in home to sleep and they are feeling sleepy in the work place where they cannot sleep peacefully. Ideal sleep in the night for 8 hrs & short sleep for 15 -20 min afternoon (if possible) can give us a wonderful relief so that we can start working at our full pace in the daylight.

Please don’t neglect your sleep, it is very important to have a good night sleep not good morning sleep for a happy & peaceful life.

Early to bed Early to rise.

This is a very famous and old saying proving the fact that OLD IS GOLD. Getting up early in the morning benefits you in many ways & helps you in making the most of your time, day, work, money etc.

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Pleasant music

Music which is pleasant & which we like the most soothes our mood immediately spend some time listening to the music which you enjoy when you are about to get stressed with some pressure either personally or professionally so that you can handle the situation much more calmly and positively than driven by your negative emotions and create new problem added to the existing.

Food Habits

Food is the best medicine for our body but when it is taken properly at proper time but when it is  a poison when not taken at proper times.

People now a days have become so busy that they don’t have any concern to take food at proper time and regular timings everyday. You know you can avoid Obesity, Diabetes just by taking food at proper & regular timings in balanced quantities.

Take proper care of your food habits it will be a lot in staying healthy & happy at the same time a completely disease & pharmaceutical free life.

NO to bad habits

Smoking, drinking, Worrying etc are bad habits which though give temporary relief but they don’t provide permanent cure to any problem a person is facing. The best way to solve a problem is only by facing it there is no other way other than that but it can be done without the above habits also which makes a person slave to himself than to the habits.

What is the greatness if we achieve something also by losing our health due to the bad habits & spending what ever we have achieved to cure ourselves only & not able to enjoy with our families happily.

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How to make stress our friend ?

Taking water at proper times can help your body to be always energetic and mind to be active always through which way you will be both healthy and at the same time effective also.

My Biology sir used to say always If you can drink at least 4 – 5 liters of water everyday then NO disease can ever dare to touch you.

Start and end your day without updates from smartphone

Leave your smartphone / tablet before at least half n hour before you sleep & upto to the time you don’t compete your exercise after you get up from the bed so that you can sleep peacefully in the night and get up fresh in the morning and complete your fitness activity without any obstacles.


Worry - antidote is Smile
Smile is Very good Medicine to Health

Your happiness should never depend upon your achievements

Be Happy don’t worry make the most of now & always hope for a greater future this is one of the best way to be happy & Healthy.

throw away all weakness and disease.

Imagine yourselves as strong men who cannot be touched by a disease. If you can imagine like this for an hour everyday, all of your weakness and disease will vanish.

– Swami Vivekananda

Ok, thats it about Health and the tips to stay healthy. Hope you liked the post and I would be happy to listen & answer to you if you have any more tips for health or any other queries about health (I am not a doctor but I am an aspirant in staying healthy so I have a information about how can we make some changes to our lifestyle to stay healthy). Don’t forget to share the health secrets with your buddies and subscribe to stay updated always about the events @ learningispassion.com

Bye… Take care…

Surya Konduru

I am Surya Konduru, began blogging to share what I meant was useful with the world as I do it with my friends. It’s been a year since I am blogging and it is really awesome to blog. By the way, I blog @ learningispassion.com, bloggingispassion.com

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