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Abraham Lincoln letter to his son’s teacher

Abraham Lincoln is one of the famous personalities who has ever existed in the world history, his life has a lot of lessons which can be guideposts for our life and help us resolving our problems. This post is about the letter he has written for his son’s teacher on the first day of his school on what has to be taught to his son. The letter is really a treasure of lessons on what a child should know and what he should be taught.

Innovation is very important in life & especially in profession, if we don’t innovate then indeed we are stagnating which can be very dangerous & can ruin our present glory added to that it will never help us in growing further & obstructs our growth in the desired areas. It is generally believed that Innovation is confined to only CEO’s, Entrepreneurs, Leaders etc. but it is not true people who have reached the positions which I spoke above have reached those positions only by small innovations daily which resulted in superb innovation in the future & has lifted them in their life and career to untouched heights.

Shoutmeet Hyderabad – A blast of blogging ideas, bloggers & Harsh agarwal

I have been to the historic blogging meet – The shoutmeet held @ Hyderabad yesterday, it was really awesome experience meeting the hero who has inspired me to start a blog of my own in live (like a dream come true), the event was literally a blast of ideas about blogging, inspiration, digital marketing & then having fun, winning goodies I wanted to share with you all those which I thought are very sound ideas and are to be used right away.

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