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Boost your English Writing skills by 10 times using Grammarly – Review

Every one of us writes a lot of content regularly to satisfy various objectives like emailing a best friend or boss to report daily progress, commenting on a blog post or on a Facebook wall or photo. The seriousness and effect of the content vary widely but if we tend to make any grammatical mistake, then it cannot be fruitful always. In search of a tool to accelerate my activity keeping up its quality I found out Grammarly, my experience and review of the tool…

Earth is not a pressure cooker to go out every day with hell a lot of pressure about what will come our way and what not & what will happen but it is a joyful place where we have to live it with pleasure. There are two options when we get up in the morning, one is two live the day with pressure or pleasure

We will be held up with lot of tasks and activities everyday and there would be a lot of decision making to be done before prioritizing our daily activities and proceed doing them and if we fail to priortize our activities based on importance then we fail to get a good benefit out of them. How to solve this problem ? You know there is a principle which can help us in prioritizing our activities and focusing on only some amount of work to complete most of tasks which actually matters to us.

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