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A Deer does not enter the mouth of a Sleeping Lion. Lion though is the king of the jungle and is very powerful among all the living creatures will have to starve to death if it doesn’t go out for hunting. It has to do the hard work and undergo the pain in hunting its prey in order to fill its stomach.

It is often believed that they are lot of differences between rich and poor like money, status, influence but these are really not the real differences. There is a difference which is the reason for the actual difference i.e., Thinking, the way poor and rich or rich and poor think is the major cause of the difference between them.

Confidence is a very important characteristic in achieving anything worthwhile. Every achiever to be noted is a very confident person and that has only helped him to reach his goals. How can we develop confidence then ? Let us discuss about one of the important characteristic which can make us feel confident instantly & help us in reaching our dreams & goals.

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