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Happy Diwali – A festival which teaches how to play with fire, celebrating darkness

Wish you a very Happy Diwali, this is one of the most widely celebrated festivals in our place. I wanted to share some of the exciting things about the festival with you on this auspicious eve. We have a lot of festivals in our place & they are of different varieties, to celebrate the glory of various aspects. Diwali is a special & very auspicious compared to others.
Diwali teaches us some techniques to tackle fire & celebrate the darkness

Earth is not a pressure cooker to go out every day with hell a lot of pressure about what will come our way and what not & what will happen but it is a joyful place where we have to live it with pleasure. There are two options when we get up in the morning, one is two live the day with pressure or pleasure

APJ Abdul Kalam – The missile man is no more

APJ Abdul Kalam is no more was the news which the whole country has heard yesterday, but the whole country is willing to travel in his vision to make his dreams true. He was old in age but not in his soul and attitude. He has performed actions which even youngsters can’t dream to do. His life is a tribute to the nation and inspirations to the millions…

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