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Confidence is a very important characteristic in achieving anything worthwhile. Every achiever to be noted is a very confident person and that has only helped him to reach his goals. How can we develop confidence then ? Let us discuss about one of the important characteristic which can make us feel confident instantly & help us in reaching our dreams & goals.

Worry, the biggest & strongest enemy

Worrying has become very common now & people are searching new reasons to worry instead of being happy. What are the pros & cons of worry? is it necessary to worry? And what does worrying does to us is very important to know else we will burn our hands due to worrying and repent later.

Cockroach theory is a short but wonderful story which is a true one indeed noticed by the person sitting next to the table watching the reaction of various people when cockroach was jumping on them through which the person concludes on how we can handle our tensions, worries the same way, how the cockroach is handled in the story.

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