Hi Learner,

If you have landed up on this blog then it means that you are interested in learning something new. Hence, I refer you as a Learner.

About Learning is Passion

I am Surya (Author & Founder of this Blog), when I have finished my education and started working I was in an impression that there would be nothing new to learn now(at least professionally) instead I can just implement whatever I have learnt till now but there was a big flaw in my assumption i.e., actual learning begins while you are implementing your knowledge gained through your education.

“People who have achieved great success are not necessarily more skillful or intelligent than others. What separates them is their burning desire and thirst for knowledge. The more one knows, the more one achieves.” — Robin Sharma

Unlike normal conditions when working in diversified circumstances and conditions, it is very difficult to implement our knowledge though we have a treasure of it in our mind. I have faced a lot of challenges in implementing my knowledge both personally & professionally, I always try to read about great minds of how were they able to manage to get up even though they have fallen down so badly & get inspired by that.

Whenever I do a mistake and fail at some challenge I remember the actions taken by the great minds which I have referred previously and move forward encouraging myself that the failure was one more stepping stone in my journey (and not to forget those failures have been an integral part in shaping myself in the areas of weakness) . Hence, I thought of sharing all these inspiring lessons which I have already learnt through my life and those lessons from great minds also, this has given me the ignition to start a blog & share my experiences with everyone.

Motto of This blog

To share the inspiration & motivation which I have gained by associating with myself & with Great minds through their books and lectures (so that I can get inspired more in this process of sharing with you). As Motivation & Inspiration are the only factors which fuel us and drive us always in going forward in Life. Along with inspiration, I am learning a lot about money and entrepreneurship which have been very interesting and will share valuable information about them as well.

Money is one of the ancient invention made by the man after barter system has perished. All the inventions made by human beings are used by us but money has grown so big that it has started to take control of the inventor itself. But there are some intelligent people out there who know how to use it, master it instead of becoming a mere slave to it and make it work for them instead of working for it.

So, I thought of sharing those successful and rich people’s life and stories with you and their ideas & in addition to that on how to become rich at a faster pace.

Who is behind Learning is Passion ?

I am Surya Teja Konduru (Surya Konduru)  currently a Software engineer by profession while learningSurya Konduru
something new always to become better personally, professionally and sharing it with others is my passion.

Learning is a never-ending task in human life and it can enhance one’s life. Learning can install new characteristics into us so that we can achieve our dreams.

Life teaches

I believe Life is the best teacher of all because all the other teachers whom we associate with teach us and then test us but life is the only teacher which tests us first and then teaches us a lesson.

Those lessons are very worthy and really important because the interesting thing about life is it keeps on testing us, with the same test again and again at different points of time.

If we don’t learn the lesson when we were first taught them, then when we are tested again we might fail again. So, this blog is about all those Life lessons of mine and some Great minds who have changed the way the world used to think before they existed.

Real time example

I would help you in understanding my motto through this example, if you have started to prepare a very tasty and difficult to prepare food item then there are chances that you might make a lot of mistakes in the process, but if you are guided well by a person who has already made those mistakes then you would reduce the number of mistakes. I don’t say you won’t make any mistakes, but I guess you would make fewer mistakes.

So, through this blog you can learn mistakes, trials done by many people and use it for your benefit, to avoid them in your attempt to success.

A small blog post on what is learning here (on this blog) might help you to understand this blog’s intention very well.

Read: What is learning here?

Hence, my dear Leaner I wish you a very happy Learning @learningispassion to get so Inspired that you will Inspire others & in addition begin your journey to reach your Financial Independence.

Please share your opinion through comments which can help me in improving myself, learning more & get even more Inspired ………..

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