Giveaway Disclaimer

Why Giveaway?

Giveaway is a way of contributing back to our readers because of their immense contribution to us through reading our articles and encouraging us to produce more and more. We always believe in WIN – WIN situation, if we want to WIN then we will ensure that you will WIN before us. So, Giveaway is a process of you Winning the giveaway and we WIN your readership and love in return.

Winner Decision

The decision of final winner is made by the Learningispassion team. And, they will be FINAL.

The world is a smaller place now through the internet, but still, there are some issues which are not valid in every country in the same way, so if the way in which we are providing give away falls into the below category then we might not compensate it.

  1. Location-based products with varied prices – If the price of the product differs from one country to another then we are sorry for that.
  2. If the product isn’t usable at your location – If the product which we are offering isn’t available or usable at your location the way in which we intended its use.

We will try our best to provide you with a giveaway which you have won in all the cases but if the amount that we have planned initially is getting out of the initial budget then we are extremely sorry that we can’t provide you with the giveaway. 

Because we are trying to give away a product to an audience who read this blog globally so we can’t restrict it to a geological location for organising a contest.

Thanks for Reading. Hope you understand our intention, keep smiling…

Bye… Take care…

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