AdviceAdda – You have a problem they have an expert advice

AdviceAdda – You have a problem they have an expert advice

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Life is an interesting journey where we travel without knowing where we shall be tomorrow & what experiences it shall bring with it. In the process of moving forward in life, we tend to face obstacles some of which we knew how to solve, some we don’t know how to solve. And, we look for help.

Why is an advice required?

Whenever we need any help for doing anything we used to look forward to reach out to our parents, now mostly in this modern era people are using google, quora, fb, whatsapp friends & groups. But, most of the times we don’t find what we are looking for. World has become a smaller place with technology but not problems.

Failing to find a proper solution at an appropriate time leads to regretting at a later point of time saying that if we had an idea that doing like this or that would lead to failure then we wouldn’t have done that which would have helped us in avoiding the failure & pain it caused.

We imagine like, if anyone around us would have given us that advice understanding our situation like our father, brother, mother, sister, best friend, teacher etc then we would have come out of that situation easily. To be frank either we or they no one is to be blamed. Situations are the culprits & just a useful advice would have turned the game.

At times, the problems become so personal that, we can’t share them with anyone. But, we seek an advice to get out of the confusion we are in. Wouldn’t it be wonderful, if we have an online portal like advice portal similar to that of job, matrimony, health portals. Yes, this post is regarding one such portal which is helping a lot of people with their advice. That portal name is 

What is Advice Adda?

Any problem? Advice c/o AdviceAdda

Advice Add is the India’s first & largest Advisory portal set up to help people of all communities, any age group AdviceAdda Logoirrespective of their profession. They have a panel of experts for almost every occupation in the world now taking from traditional occupations to modern digital marketers like bloggers, web-developers etc.

It is a platform which brings on advice seekers & experts on to the same point. This is both to help a person to enlighten himself & improve his life from where he is standing presently both in personal & professional life. And, also by saving his life from the brink of getting into suicidal tendencies by solving the complex problems of life with effective advice in initial stages only.

Their Motto –

Advice Adda wants teenagers and youngsters to realize that if there persists any problem, there is a solution too. What one needs is a person possessing correct approach with knowledge to deal with the problem. A person who believes in what we say and is reliable enough to protect our secrets. A person who wouldn’t mock the problems that we face and at the same time prevent any leak or sharing of information with anyone else. –

Why is Advice Adda was Started? – History

Vivek Satya Mitram who was an IIMC journalism graduate serviced mainstream media in various roles for almost 13Vivek Satya Mitram - AdviceAdda Founder years. Being a Journalist, he found out that the true satisfaction lies in helping people directly than to just inform them what happens in the world directly.

I guess he got alarmed with the fact that almost 50,000 youngsters who are the backbone of the nation are committing suicide for reasons which can be solved more or less by some counselling. According to me, he is acting like an elder brother who takes care of the younger lads facing problems & who don’t understand whom to tell about it & how to get it solved. He claimed, he had many reasons to leave such a successful career at hand & start The main reason out of them was it was a strong realisation that I was not doing the work that I always wanted to.

You can find more about Vivek Satya Mitram in his interview with a blog – Click here 

It has been started in 2013 & the idea is working out for many across the nation & even planet with around 5000 – 10000 visitors per month & 200 queries per day ranging from occupational to personal where both of the categories are sharing an equal part.

Why Advice Adda only – We have Quora to ask Questions

A simple advice can solve a complex problem & save a beautiful life.

Categories - AdviceAdda
Various categories @ AdviceAdda

Quora is one of the largest social networking platforms to ask Questions & get answers. Then why is advice adda needed? if we have quora where everyone can ask & answer the question. It is very simple, you can’t trust the answer you get from Quora because it isn’t always from experts (& who are committed to solving others’ problems). At times, no one answers to your queries there due to a lot of crowds around.

Mahabharata says…

Once Dharmaraja (Yudhisthira) was asked a question what is the easiest thing in the world? close your eyes & think for a while now. .. then look at the answer by scrolling down….

Giving Advice was his answer. Isn’t it the easiest of everything else in the world because no degree, expertise, experience is needed for you to give advice or get advice from people around you. Any one can give advice as it is free, most of the times they are least bothered of the consequences of other person on following their advice. But, AdviceAdda isn’t such place where you are given advice just for sake of giving advice. They don’t give the power of giving advice so easily to everyone as they are well aware of its power on advice seeker’s life. You have to possess a lot of qualities & qualifications to become an advisor @ AdviceAdda which ensures us to trust them to the most on advice & follow it with full trust.

Advantages of AdviceAdda over Quora or any other advisory portal

  • It is Free. (while there is a paid service also for people who want more advanced support)
  • The response is very prompt ranging from 24 – 72 hrs minimum based on various categories & complexities of questions.
  • You can get advice for all the problems which are occupation-related, work-life balance, personal problems, post-marital problems etc.
  • It is highly reliable because you can keep your identity private / anonymous while asking a question.
  • You always get answers from Experts & not from ordinary people.

How Can you Ask Query?

I will try to explain you, how you can ask a query in an easy way in AdviceAdda website –Ask Query Screen - Adviceadda

  1. Navigate to the website
  2. Register Yourself with personal details
  3. Click on the Ask Your Query on the header
  4. Fill in the details & Submit
  5. That’s it your query is submitted & just wait patiently for the advice from experts.



Every one of us makes a lot of mistakes in life due to confusion between what to do & what not do. Next time when you are stuck at any confusion point, do take an advice at AdviceAdda. Trust me, it will work for sure.

Life is not just about earning money, facilities & fame. It is larger than our imaginations. 

– AdviceAdda Founder to youth


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