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It always feels good and inspiring when we listen about some entrepreneurs who have worked very hard to reach their goals in spite of no personal advantages, no big degrees, no special talent but they were & are very much successful in their lives & professions.

I have always wished to be an entrepreneur, so whenever I see or hear about one successful entrepreneur I seem to draw some inspiration through their lives and the life this entrepreneur is really a feast for me. Let us discuss his journey which very interestingly turned out to be a remarkable one.

Starting his entrepreneurship journey as a bike mechanic he has reached a position of Richest man in Asia under the age 40.

 First Investment – First Learning

Mr. Arun Pudur has invested for the first time in his life in the nearby mechanic shed when his mechanic friend had noArun Pudur money for starting one. He has convinced his mother for giving him the money to invest in the mechanic shed along with his friend. His mother agreed gave him money with which they have started one shed, every day after the school Arun used to learn the techniques to repair from his friend without any exclusive teaching but just by only seeing that was his interest in learning. Arun became a pro in repairing in vehicles and he became a master as he could dismantle and combine all the vehicle parts in just 1.5 – 2 hrs. His mechanic friend left to his town after 8/9 months but Arun didn’t want to close the shed & he continued to work in the shed after the daily school.

He worked very hard and has successfully repaired thousands of vehicles.

The lessons we can learn from this story is we can learn anything & become master in that if we have the enthusiasm to learn and the willingness to work hard balancing your present activities & learning or investing in new activities which help us in succeeding sooner or later.

Arun Pudur – Cel Frame – First Company

After his father’s advice to focus on studies, Arun has closed his mechanic shed and invested in dog breeding during his college as it doesn’t require much of his time & there also he managed to reap profits.

During the time to choose the field of study, Arun has chosen a degree which helps him in making his dream of becoming an entrepreneur come true instead of the most popular courses in the country like engineering & medicine.Arun Pudue - President, Cel Frame

After finishing his college education, Arun thought of going big and started a company Cel Frame through which he has started creating new software which help people to perform their day to day activities on computer easily. It is like the office tools of Microsoft. It was difficult for Arun to lead elders as he has started the company at the age of just 22. But, he claims that he has learned a good amount of lessons leading them which have costed him a good amount of money.

Competition with Microsoft

It is said that Cel Frame tools are the best alternative to MicroSoft office tools and the most demanded after the ms office. When initially the company began to develop the software no one was interested in buying but, Arun has analyzed the share of the dealers being offered at that time and offered a much bigger share to the dealers to market his product through which the product became very much popular.

Most of the new company owners would quit the trial if the dealers turn them down but Arun was different from them, even his was turned down by them, but he wasn’t turned by himself. Hence, he started thinking of ways to market his product and found several ways to attract dealers to market his product through which he has taken the company products ahead competing with the legends in the field of tools like Microsoft.

Arun’s Expensive lesson learned through selling his Jet…

Arun has a good amount of expensive goodies like a collection of expensive cars like Ferrari, Lamborghini etc. , some private jets to take to his destination quickly, a superb house in every city where his office resides. Once, he had to sell one of his jets and was able to sell it @ almost 40% less than the actual value with which he has bought it. This has taught him a lesson about how his investments into these expensive goodies are eating his money up.

He has diverted his investments to Real Estates, Gold mining, Fuel industry etc. and those investments have grown exponentially which have made him the richest man under 40’s in the whole Asia.

The above lessons seem to be like the reiteration of Mr. Buffet’s famous quotes –

  1. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket
  2. If you buy the thing which you don’t need then soon you have to sell the thing which you need.

Arun has first did the mistake stated in the second quote of Buffet but has corrected it soon and followed the first quote to become even richer & successful.

So, Congrats Mr. Arun Pudur on your fantastic journey and outstanding success.

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