Ask for advice – It can be rewarding

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Ask for Advice when you are attempting something new because most of the mistakes every human being do are similar and asking for advice or looking for their experiences can help you avoid those mistakes when you attempt the same task. This post is about the benefits of asking advice.

Ask for Advice

Whenever we are starting or attempting something we might not be aware of everything about what we are doing, soalways ask for advice we tend to take decisions based on our knowledge. But doing what we know has some flaws involved in it internally and they are

  1. We tend to do same mistakes what everyone does
  2. We shall learn same lessons
  3. Or may not learn any lessons and tend to repeat same mistakes again.

Mistakes are already done

Many receive advice, few profit by it.

Whatever or however we are doing something is already done by somebody in the world before like for example,

  1. How we are starting to earn some money today, somebody might have already earned it and spent it. While some have made fortune with money they have earned while others haven’t saved a penny for their later years.
  2. Like we are living a life today, somebody has already lived it and among them, some have stayed healthy throughout their life while others have ruined their health to the core.

The above comparison stays true for almost anything you do in day-to-day life taking from riding a vehicle, lending a friend, working for a company etc. anything has two outcomes both positive and negative. People have done same things but outcomes weren’t positive all the times for some and not negative all the times for some.

The difference between the positive and negative outcome isn’t just because people were lucky or unlucky but because of one more distinction between them while making a decision.

Asking and Accepting advice

As discussed above, we know what we are doing now is already done by a lot of people already on this earth, but the only difference some have done it in an extraordinary way enjoy the work as well as results while others have had completely opposite experiences. The reason is clearly understood through the saying – Wise people learn from their mistakes, while WISER people learn from the mistakes of others.

So, first give a pause to reading this article and check whether you are Wise, Wiser or the third category person who never checks his/her own mistakes.

Be Wiser

Wise people learn from their mistakes, while WISER people learn from the mistakes of others.

Being WISER is mostly possible through taking advice. You can take advice from your

  1. Google
  2. Peers (or) Colleagues
  3. Friends
  4. Seniors
  5. Parents
  6. Books
  7. Experts (Paid or from their books or blogs)

The sources from where you get an advice are numerous. The reason why advice makes you wiser is because it comprises of how they have done something which you also want to attempt? The answer for it would be either

  1. Doing
    1. They have done it
    2. They haven’t done it
  2. Knowing
    1. They Know completely about it
    2. They Know something about it
    3. They know nothing about it

Please ignore the advice from people who haven’t done it and know nothing about it because they might either not tell you anything or either fill your heart with fear (this happens in most of the scenario), but in remaining all scenarios you will be able to extract at least some of their experiences (which comprise of mistakes + profits).

Purpose of this post

Advice is just to help you not to get discouraged

The sole purpose of this post is not that asking for advice will get you to your destination profitably but asking for advice (to know the mistakes committed by them and rewards they have earned) can help you in taking a decision more wisely and avoid the same pitfalls which they have experienced.

Avoiding at least one pitfall with the advice isn’t profitable or not? Yes, of course, it is profitable.

Outcome of Asking Advice

The following are the outcomes when you ask for advice

  1. You might either get advice
  2. You might not get advice
  3. The advice you received might be helpful or it might not be
  4. Sometimes advice makes no difference or at times it can unfold a new opportunity which you haven’t thought of till now.

So, you lose nothing by asking advice. So, whenever you trying to attempt something different or something you haven’t tried till now then go for asking an advice which can at times avoid some serious risks.

Final Decision is yours

Good decisions come from experience, experience comes from Bad decisions. – Mark Twain

So, after you have taken advice taking a decision to proceed further is completely your responsibility nothing to blame the people who have given you advice because it is your take to take it or not. The advice is just to guide you of what may come your way and if you believe you will be able to handle it or not then you can proceed further.

Thanks for reading. Share your views about Asking Advice and the post content with me through comments, I would be very happy to hear.

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