Baahubali – An Indian Visual Grandeur moreover an Innovation

Baahubali – An Indian Visual Grandeur moreover an Innovation

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This post is dedicated to a recent & most awaited Indian moreover a Telugu movie Bàhubali. The movie released with a very high expectations due to various factors like a very successful director (without a failure till now), highest ever budget, award winning technicians, very talented cast etc. I wanted to share my insights regarding the movie & its specialties, challenges faced by the production team etc. which according to me have some fair marketing, pressure handling strategies and lot more.

Tribute to his Guru

Raghavendra Rao - Rajamouli's GURU
(C) Raghavendra Road Garu

Rajamouli’s Guru is Raghavendra Rao who is one renowned director of Telugu cinema. Rajamouli has given tribute to his Guru by presenting his prestigious movie with his Guru’s name.
Rajamouli has followed a very important trait of Indian culture by this action because this is a country where Guru is regarded as highest, greater than mother & father even god in some aspects.

Director’s Imagination

Movies are a depiction of a director’s viewpoint in an entertaining manner. And, if the movie is more Visual FX based then it completely relies on director’s imagination. Rajamouli’s movies are all having a common point which was revealed by him only in one interview i.e., in his words my Hero never sits and cries about a problem instead he would be ready to die solving the problem.
One more important thing to notice in his movies’ is they are built with a lot of values which you can find in the epics Ramayana & Mahabharata which is a very good sign in him as he is using the power of cinema in his hands to enlighten the people with his viewpoint on those epics. This movie is a mixture of one such wonderful imagination, values & a wonderfully picturised story.

If we notice all his villains would be very much powerful than the hero but his heroes’ somehow make a way by finding his weakness by their own capacity instead of merely brooding & crying like other side characters. The heroes’ constantly face a lot of difficulties which they overcome & those scenes would be very inspiring & motivating.
The way his Hero solves the problem would be near reality & not just cinematic or unreal. He provides some practical solutions to solve even our real world problems if we can wear a magnifying glass to identify them.

bahubali - visuals

His Father’s story

Rajamouli’s Father, KV Vijayendra Prasad is the creator of the story which he was presenting to his son character by character but not the whole at a time. When his father was presenting the characters, Rajamouli has structured the whole story on his imagination of what the roles do in the movie with the help of his father.

Movie specialities

This movie has a lot of specialties which make it more special.


bahubali - visualsThe movie story is much like very simple to describe in a sentence or two but the way the whole two lines are presented only matters the most. The presentation of the story using the visual FX to intensify the problems faced by the Hero & then he solving them both courageously and logically. For example, the waterfall climbing, shiva lingam lifting scene, snow avalanche scene, jumping from the mountain with a rope in hand scene etc.

bahubali - visuals

Great camera work

bahuabli - shivuduHowever great a director’s imagination might be but if it can’t be presented in the same way to the audience then there is no use of that imagination. This can be possible with a good cameraman only, the camera man Senthil who has worked for bahubali is working with Rajamouli since a long time & he has done a great work in this movie to present the director’s imagination to the world with his camera lens.

Spectacular Visual Grandeur

The movie is of a bit historic kind which has a lot of scenic marvels like mountains, waterfalls, snow avalanches bahubali - visualswhich can be possible to create only through visual FX. This movie has proven that Indians have potential technicians to portray any kind of scene and that too with great quality @ limited budget. The movie has not at all seemed like cartoon or animation kind which we often see in some films with poor visual FX, but in this film, all the visual FX scenes were near to reality and swept away the audience in its visual grandeur.

Fantastic music – Especially background

The music director MM Keeravani has given a fantastic music to the movie which has intensified the visual feel provided by the movie. Especially the background music, it is simply superb. By the way, he is the brother of Rajamouli.

Co-ordinating the crew

The movie had some high crowd scenes like war scene & giant birthday celebration scene which requires a lot of capacity to control the artists attending for the shoot.The family of the director has involved in the movie making crew like his wife (costume designer), brother (music director), brother’s wife(manager), father(story writer), son(manager) which have helped him a lot to co-ordinate the crew but it would be sometimes difficult to control the family members & treat in that way if we are having a professional commitment. Rajamouli has to be appreciated for balancing both of them effectively.
Even lot of star cast also involved in the movie which was also handled properly to avoid any delays & other common movie making issues etc.

Challenges it had

It is always very difficult to build a monument compared to mere building

The challenges in a task increase with the size of the task. This movie is a very huge in the country then intuitively the challenges in making this movie would definitely not be trivial.

Time it took – Pressure the Team had


Before Release

The movie is taking a lot of time.

The movie took over 3 years to complete which is very long duration for a movie in Telugu film industry but the crew and director have not considered the time as the measuring factor but the quality of the movie as the factor to drive them and that is the reason they could reach the expectations levied on them. This is simply focusing on their task for that day and living in day-tight compartments.

The budget is too much – very risky

Yup, for an Indian movie more over a Telugu one a budget of 250 crores is very high and risky also because there is no guarantee that the movie might get back that money though the movie is awesome because the market is very small and limited.
It took 250 crores & avatar took 1500 crore for production. The producers were bit doubtful while offering their movie to the distributors because they would have to cost them to cover their 250 crore margin which is almost 3 times the cost of the 2nd high budget movie after bahubali.

The crew has taken the step effectively making the movie a two part one so that they can present the whole cooked meal though in installments instead of a half cooked meal is not satisfying either the producers or the audience. Now, everyone who has watched the movie is eagerly waiting for the second one.

Isn’t this a wonderful marketing strategy changing a challenge into an opportunity as Innovators do.

After Release

Something better can be done

As it said that there is nothing that cannot be done better, everything can be done somewhat better compared to the one which was originally made but there would be time, budget & profit constraints in real life which have to be met to compromise at least a bit to not end up in loss or chaos. Because movies might not be made only for money but without money movies cannot be made.

Negative Reviews

The movie is a bit dragging

One popular negative review was 1st half was a bit dragging 2nd half of the movie was ok, but those reviews were confined to only some individuals but the movie was not made for a small group of people. The movie was more to give the audience a beautiful experience instead of just impressing them through commercial elements. Which is one of the basics of a movie making & one more important strategy to focus on excellence rather than success which results in blockbusters rather than mere successes

The Hero who believed

The lead actor Prabhas has believed in the director & worked in the movie for almost 3 years during he would Prabhashave done 3 or more other movies but his trust on the director, story has paid off & his wait for the movie is now over and it is performing very well at the box office taking himself to a level of heroism & acting.

The villain who agreed

RanaThe actor who played the lead negative role is an upcoming actor in the industry, but still agreed to act in the negative role due to the belief he had in the director though it might affect his public image as Hero in his coming up films.

I know how difficult it is to do business or a job in the real world, it becomes, even more, difficult if there are a lot of expectations held on you. I belong to software industry were we mostly rely on reusing because it is easy, quick & moreover profitable to the organization, but the film industry is expected to be new in each & every aspect.

The reason the director & his team appreciated is because they have shown Innovation in all the aspects of the movie and given us a wonderful taste of visual fx & made such a grand film to enjoy.

I consider Bahubali is an Innovation in film industry especially in Indian to prove those myths that visual fx films can’t be made by us & are confined to only Hollywood etc are wrong & in the world cinema that a grand film can be built in such a less budget which is now competing with Hollywood movies.

Thanks ­­for reading. Go ahead & watch the movie if you haven’t watched yet, if you have already watched the movie share your views about Bahubali and the post content with me through comments, I would be very happy to hear. If you have enjoyed reading this post then share it with your buddies.

Bye .. Take care..

I am Surya Konduru, began blogging to share what I meant was useful with the world as I do it with my friends. It’s been a year since I am blogging and it is really awesome to blog. By the way, I blog @,

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