Benefits of Journal Writing – Recording your today for a better tomorrow

Benefits of Journal Writing – Recording your today for a better tomorrow

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Many of us live life, but forget to record them in the hurry of living life. It is important to record our life because that way we would know where we stood yesterday and where we are now else we would never know how far we travelled when we have started our journey, Journal Writing is a great exercise for that.

So, this post is about Benefits of Journal Writing i.e. Recording your today for a better tomorrow.

Journal Writing

Your life is worth living, then why not record it & make it immortal so that it can benefit both yourself and your generations to live more effectively.

Most of us live in today, but don’t live life in today, they live life in either yesterday or in tomorrow because of which they enjoy neither today nor yesterday, tomorrow. Journal writing forces us to drill out the life we have lived in today and record it so that when we read it in a tomorrow it will be the enclosure of our yesterday. Instead of brooding over yesterday we can learn great lessons from it.

What you can really record in your Journal, I will share what I record every day which is good enough if you are starting Journal Writing 

  1. What have I learnt today?
  2. What are the mistakes I have committed today?
  3. What are the Good & Great things I have done today?
  4. What should I change in myself for a better tomorrow?

Benefits of Journal Writing

By drilling down the above categories of Journal Writing, we can better understand the benefits of journal writing.

Learning – What have I learnt today?

Learning doesn’t always mean scholastic or academic or technical education though they are part of learning. If you come across any great quality while reading a book and if you incorporate the same quality then that would immensely benefit you then that is what called as learning.

For example, I was reading the book Greatness Guide 2 by Robin Sharma yesterday and in that there was one lesson about the Optimism of Richard Branson (The Pride of Virgin Group). It says that Richard Branson can be the most Optimistic person in any room he sits – it means that if you are in a room with a group of people and even Richard Branson then, however, big the problem or challenge is Richard Branson would look in an optimistic way and find a solution for it.

Wasn’t it a great lesson useful for us, we too come across problems and challenges in life, but not always attack them back optimistically, but if you record Branson’s lesson in your Journal and remember then the next time you encounter a problem will the Optimism not come out of you? Yes, it would, so recording what you have learnt helps you use them (lessons you have learnt) in your life and thus they make you capable of solving great Challenges.

Mistakes*** – What are the mistakes I have committed today?

Generally, an important question or topic is marked with ***, why have I marked this section with *** because this one is most important, it takes a great deal of self-introspection to point out your own mistakes, pointing out the mistakes of others is extremely easy because our ego is at stake.

When initially began to make note of my mistakes, it was extremely difficult to find faultbenefits of jounal writing with me because our mind never accepts our fault and always try to throw the blame on others. And, when we force it to think for the root cause of a problem and if we realize that the mistake is ours then it is very hard to accept that fact, our ego gets screwed when we accept our mistake.

Don’t mistake ego with self-confidence, because self-confidence is a proper ego / ripen ego (in words of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa) and it takes great courage to accept your mistake in front of others and ask for apologies. So, making note of your mistakes helps your ego to get transformed from unripe ego (Arrogance/over-confidence) to ripen ego (self-confidence).

Good things & Great things – What are the Good & Great things I have done today?

As we are done with ruling out the arrogance from ourselves through mistakes recording, let us fill ourselves with good and positive pride, how? using our good & great actions performed on that day.

Good things comprise of those things which you do for yourself and your dependants without any delay as planned, it takes great of self-discipline to plan things and do them as planned and if you are successful in doing that then that is a good enough act worth recording.

Great things are those acts which you do for others, it may be your colleagues, friends, NGO’s, foundations who are not dependent on you, but you are working for them without any selfish motive. That is the greatest act a human being can perform, They  alone live  who live for others, rest are more dead than alive says Swami Vivekananda.

Your great things or acts must be recorded because they motivate you for doing more great things as well as good things.


Change – What should I change in myself for a better tomorrow?

In the movie Croods, the guy always talks about making it to the tomorrow. Tomorrow is wonderful, but today is more wonderful because we always in live in today and travel towards tomorrow and if our today’s lessons cannot make a better tomorrow then what is the use of today? Nothing, right?

So, based on the lessons learnt, mistakes committed and Good, great things were done – we have to conclude our journal with the changes which we wish to see in ourselves. It is always like we know what to do for our happiness and success, but we lack something to implement what we know and that is nothing but lack of recording what we know as I have mentioned, we fail to record what we learn and know because of which that lesson and knowledge are of no use.

And, somehow after a week or month or a year we seem to remember those lessons and feel bad why didn’t I used that lesson then and there if I had used then it would have been really awesome. So, to avoid that, record the changes you wish to see in yourself, whether you will be successful in changing or not is secondary, but our aim is to record it.

Revising the Journal

Recording the above things in Journal and forgetting to revise them regularly and use them is as good as not recording the journal at all. I follow the below technique of revising my Journal every day after I write it.use evernote to record your journal

I use Evernote to write my Journal, by listing out the above sub-headings in one Journal Template, storing it in a Journal Notebook with today’s date (ex: 05282016 – will be the name of note). After I complete recording journal, I schedule a reminder for next day morning after I see my todo list which way I will remember all the lessons, mistakes, good, great things which I have done and most importantly the change which I wish to see in myself.

This way in the morning itself, I will be reminded of my yesterday which stands as a great foundation for today’s achievements and to make today a profitable today. After I see the Journal in the morning, I reschedule it to the time when I write today’s journal so that I would remember what I have done yesterday and compare it with what have I done today. Once it is done, I will reschedule it to a week later, so that I compare whether I made in progress since last week and this week then I will schedule it a month later than a year later.

How many times I am revising?

  1. Twice the next day
  2. Once the next week
  3. Once the next month
  4. Once the next year

Revising the very next day is to remember the lessons thoroughly, while revising them after a week, month, a year later for reminding ourselves that we have been so different previously and we have marched onto the change which we wanted to see in ourselves.

Imagine how great it would feel after a year that you have changed yourself the way you wanted to change on your own.

Your life is worth living then it is worth recording as well.

Happy Journal Writing …

Thanks for reading. Share your views about Benefits of Journal Writing and the post content with me through comments, I would be very happy to hear.

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