Best Decision making technique – be quick then stick

Best Decision making technique – be quick then stick

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We, humans, are decision-making machines and our happiness, success in life depends on our decisions then why not discuss the best decision-making technique and that is, be quick then stick. To be more precise, be quick at taking a decision so that you won’t miss the wonderful opportunity thinking, thinking about then decision and once you have taken a decision then stick to it until the end.

Decision making

Decision making is an activity which we do very frequently in a day for almost every second, choosing this or that in everything we do. While eating (what to eat first and what to eat next), talking (what to talk next), what are the tasks which we have to complete today etc. So, decision making is the most integral part of our life.

If you have noticed, this would decide our life and its standard as well. If you don’t agree let me give you an example, you have a to-do list, which says something like this

  1. Task 1 – Important, Urgent + not so interesting
  2. Task 2 – Not important, Not urgent + interesting and entertaining

Your decision to choose the task on which you have to focus decides your success for a day and if you keep on doing this every day then that becomes a habit then your life. So, we are rather decision makers making constant decisions whether to do something or not, what to do and what not to do etc. If we have a technique which can guide us to make good decisions then that would be really awesome right?

Never make permanent decisions on temporary feelings.

Making quick decisions

Avoiding taking decisions with the help of your emotions, they are hardly correct.

We shall take the help of SWOT analysis here, using which we can find out which action if taken by us would be most beneficial to us, initially, this process is boring, time taking but as you understand the benefits of identifying and finishing the most beneficial task you would enjoy this process.

In short, list out the following for your task either in your mind or on a paper (paper is preferable)

  1. Strengths – Do you have any advantage of completing one task over the other
  2. Weaknesses – Do you possess any weakness which would play role in not completing the task
  3. Opportunities – What are the benefits of doing this task
  4. Threats – What are the threats of not doing this task

Take an example of a task which you have to complete and corresponding example statements of SWOT,

  1. Strengths
    1. I can complete the task myself without anybody’s help.
    2. I have the ability to finish it in one hour.
    3. I know very well on how to deal this kind of problem.
  2. Weaknesses
    1. I have a dependency from another colleague or friend to complete this task.
    2. I don’t know how to do this task.
    3. I have the least knowledge to do this task perfectly.
  3. Opportunities
    1. I receive appreciation from my boss or teacher if I complete this task.
    2. I would grow technically and skillfully if I complete this task.
  4. Threats
    1. The boss or teacher would be angry if I don’t complete this task.
    2. My colleagues or friends would laugh at me if I fail to complete this simple task.

Based on your Threats, Strengths, Opportunities instead of focusing only on Weaknesses decide the task which has to be completed first.

Now we are done with making a decision then what next is it the end of decision making? Nope, the hardest part of a decision is not making it but not changing it.

Quick means not instant

Quick Decision making means you don’t have to take decisions instantaneously but it does mean that you have to be quick enough to make decisions else there is a good chance that you might lose the wonderful opportunity at your hand. So, you have to think before making the decision but not too much thinking which might eat away the time and you might lose the opportunity.

Hence, you need to practice to arrive at a decision quickly so that you would take both a good decision and at the same time quickly which would make you very much profitable and increases your chances of success heavily.

Sticking to them is the hardest part

Once you’ve made your decision, stop thinking about the decision, work on executing your decision.

Once you take a decision to complete a task and start working on it then comes the real difficulty and that is you have to stick to your decision before your task in 100% complete. Because the failure of most individuals is not failing in making the proper decision, but in failing to stick to their decision until it is complete.

Based on the complexity of the task, sticking to your decision becomes even more difficult. Don’t listen to others and be the first to change your decisions,  this is the trait of a mediocre personality. Superior people reach a decision quickly and resist changing the decision (According to Napoleon Hill in his classic Think & Grow Rich* where he states the importance to reaching a decision quickly while changing it slowly or not at all changing it).

So, once you analyzeBe quick at making decisions not at breaking them - Decision making and take a decision, stick to it though it takes time because your analysis says that your decision can create a lot of opportunities for you and you possess great strengths to achieve it.

Real life Examples which show the benefits of sticking to a decision –

  1. Henry Ford – About an engine
    • Henry Ford proposed an engine design to his engineers and they said it would be impossible to create such thing, but he insisted them to try.
    • They tried for six months, but there was no result.
    • Even after a whole year, there was no fruitful result, but the engineers had to continue researching if they had to work for Mr. Ford.
    • After almost 18+ months, they finally found a way to create such an engine and that engine has made a ton of revenue for Mr. Ford and his company, this is the benefit of sticking to a decision.
  2. Steve Jobs – About the icons on the first iPhone
    • There is a similar situation in the life of Mr. Steve Jobs as well, when the first iPhone was being released, Mr. Jobs wanted the designers, engineers to make the icons look so attractive that the users would literally like to lick the icons 😉
    • Just before the release (within a very short gap to release) the engineers told Jobs that it would not possible to create such attractive icons with then available technology, but Jobs wouldn’t agree.
    • He encouraged them to accomplish the feat and you see, iPhone have such attractive icons which users would love to lick as well 😉
    • The result being iPhone still the most demandable handset in the world.

Note: The above examples give us the benefit of sticking to the decisions, but you should also remember that sticking to the decisions taken without proper analysis would leave your fruitless, so do proper analysis before making a decision.

Making a correct decision quickly is hard, but sticking to it is, even more, harder. So, remember this technique in decision making – be quick then stick.

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