Best quotes from Norman Vincent Peale s Writings

Best quotes from Norman Vincent Peale s Writings

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Normal Vincent Peale is one of the best among the motivational writer who has ever lived. HIs writings are capable of boosting anyone with a dose of inspiration. This post consists of some of his best quotes from his writings in a pictorial form to convey their meaning and Mr. Peale s intention in a very strong manner.


Anyone can sail with a fare Breeze, It is when the seas get rough that seamanship REALLY counts.



anyone can sail with fair breeze
Image background source – Frozen movie


I can do all the things through GOD who Strengtheneth me.

Read: God and Gumption

I can do all the things


if god is for us


Through your heart over the bar and Your body will follow. – Most of the times, we get frightened to take the first step, but once we gather the courage and take the first step, the journey becomes simpler than we have imagined.


Throw your heart over the bar


No WIND favours him who has no destined port. – To be happy in life, we have to have destination or Goal else there is no way we can get happier and using our abilities else pleasure un-utilized causes pain.


NO wind favours him



Consciously compete with only one person, yourself.

Read: Competing with self is Pleasure



consciously compete

Belief is hard, Doubt is easy. It doesn’t take Brains to doubt, to cast your doubts aside & believe requires Stamina & Resolution. And, when you believe, really believe impossibilities are OVERCOME.


Belief is hard, doubt is easy quote


Attitudes towards facts can be more important than facts themselves.


Attitude Towards facts

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