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As a blogger everyone wants to give their readers a wonderful experience through a fast loading blog.

A Best Web Hosting can be possible only through a proper provider is required as always world is filled huge amount of  matter (not directly useful) from which we have to dig, dig and dig to find out and then we can extract the precious diamonds which we need. Hosting is one such thing, there are a lot of hosting providers in the online market today but which one is an authentic, low price and best hosting to host a website or blog is a big question.

I was asked by my readers a lot of times about this blog loading saying that it’s loading very fast in most of the browsers & they wanted me to share the details of my hosting provider.


I host this blog through Bluehost and I have never experienced any issues through the blog till now moreover I get a lot of accolade from the readers saying the site loading time is very good.

Blue host provides a lot of options in order to host your blog or website through them, I will have those options, plans discussed through a separate post. Bluehost is a hosting provider recommended for a WordPress blog by WordPress.

For now you can host a website or blog @ < 60 $ for a whole year along with a domain name included. Through Bluehost if you host your blog then you can get a free domain name through them through which you can save an extra of 10 – 12 $ dollars on the domain name which otherwise you have to buy separately.

Below is my affiliate link for Bluehost through which you can avail a special discount on your hosting along with a free domain name given by Bluehost.

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