Boost your English Writing skills by 10 times using Grammarly – Review

Boost your English Writing skills by 10 times using Grammarly – Review

Hi Learner,

Every one of us writes a lot of content regularly to satisfy various objectives like emailing a best friend or boss to report daily progress, commenting on a blog post or on a Facebook wall or photo. The seriousness and effect of the content vary widely but if we tend to make any grammatical mistake, then it cannot be fruitful always.Boost your Writing Skills by 10 Times

Because, doing an error with a friend might affect our relationship at times with him which turns out to be a sad one. But, making a mistake with the mail which is being sent to the employer and client dealing email communication can put mine and my company’s reputation at stake.

As discussed above, we tend to finish off our writing activity either slowly in an accurate manner or at times we try to end it quickly (but we wish that it should be accurate).I am confining my scope to The English language alone. There will be a more difficult problem in writing content if you aren’t a native English speaker.

Even if you are an expert or have an excellent knowledge of the language, you would always be happy & confident if any other language expert does verify for your content once before it finally moves out of your hand for delivery. Because, if you’re sending out any important mail or document to achieve some important aim or objective then you expect no room for a silly grammatical or spelling mistake to ruin your image in front of the reader.

My Story with Writing

Being a blogger and an employee for an MNC, it is very important for me to write content for a short time (blog posts, emails to the clients) and just writing content isn’t enough always. In addition to it, I have to ensure that the quality of the content written is also good & grammatically correct else it might invite unwanted troubles of first class for eating away both my peace of mind & growth.
Being a non-native English speaker & writer there are good number of chances that I might commit some silly or at times even some complex foreign language errors that have a capability of portraying myself as an inefficient linguist in front of others.

In search of a tool which can at least help me in managing my written content’s quality or at least to avoid stupid and silly mistakes I might do in some hurry which possess the potential of portraying me as an ignorant.

I found out one tool finally that provides me with many other features freely and provides some excellent features with the Premium version. Let’s discuss those features in detail.

Grammarly – I found a perfect tool

Grammarly is an instrument of such kind that portrays our content like a World Class one & help us look perfect with our content at grammatical level & called with an apt name – Grammarly.

Why Grammarly?

I have started blogging with the intent to share whatever I learn and after beginning to write I came to know how difficult it is to convey my point in the way that I wanted so that my readers get benefitted with that, but managing my full-time job and writing content during my free time is sometimes like a sacrifice and that burden doubles when Grammarly + any content = world class contentit is difficult or the difficulty to write becomes more challenging & boring due to grammatical mistakes to correct which I have to run with Google or any English school teacher  (which isn’t possible now). I came know about his tool about 3 – 4 months ago and I found it so fascinating that it manages all my activities at which I feel boring like correcting my grammatical which are tough to find in a very significant content (as I prefer to flow out my thoughts that end up in huge content at times).

So, I discovered Grammarly whose chief characteristic is it is an available where ever I type and it checks almost everything I type in browser taking into account the lengthy blog posts to the smallest comments that I fill out on other blog posts that I like & where it finds text box where I type in some message.

And, it comes in two ways, and one of them is free version that offers only primary support for the grammar that I thought would try out before going pro directly, and my journey was very fruitful indeed due to which I thought of switching to the Pro version as it offered support for identifying more advanced grammatical mistakes, plagiarism, etc.

Let me share its effectiveness with you. Do you want you boost your writing skills by ten times just from now which include your speed, content quality. Below is the go.

It can help you avoid mistake everywhere

If you install Grammarly as an extension in your Chrome browser then as if an assistant runs with you to  track and note your ideas, Grammarly also runs with you to every web page where ever you tend to write in any text box, it will try to check what you have written is grammatically correct or not.

Increase your skills by Ten times

  1. No need to stop when u make mistakes – 100%
  2. No need to Google if you get any grammatical doubts – 400%
  3. Improves your content quality by unique vocabulary – 100%
  4. Check for duplication & make it unique – 200%
  5. Grammarly corrects errors for you on a click – 200%

That’s absolutely 1000% percent of the increase in your writing ability which accounts to 10 times your current productivity, isn’t that just wonderful that you can achieve so much in so less time with the help of a tool. Of course, it’s awesome you got to give it a try if you haven’t tried it till now.

It’s not just another tool

There are a lot of instruments available in the market that make it often difficult to find which one is worth it to solve our real time problems and make us more efficient. Let me explain you the above 1000% boost in a more detailed way.

No need to stop when u make mistakes

Imagine you are going out with an excellent flow of writing on a topic you love speaking for hours together and suddenly you tend to make mistakes due to which you had to press regularly the backspace, side arrows, delete buttons to correct your content & the silly mistakes which often roll out due to some typos – Will it not affect the flow which you are having right now and reducing your writing quality, mood and thus your productivity. YES a big yes would be your answer but what I experienced with Grammarly was that it will take care all the big to small notes of our content from top to bottom that can correct in a single go at the end.

No need to Google if you get any grammatical doubts

Spelling mistakes are often seen with the eyes and some default proofreading tools but will the grammatical errors be visible to you, not often and if you aren’t a native speaker then it becomes more embarrassing for you to notice how many mistakes you can actually commit and more over it leaves a false & negative impression on your readers though you are good actually because of your silly errors that make lock their hands in order to share you content however appealing it is. But, Grammarly takes care of this too implicitly.

 Check for duplication & make it unique

This is one of the premium features i.e., plagiarism detector that separates you from the crowd because the world is filled with copycats and blogosphere is no exception to that where some minds tend to use their talent in order to copy rather than using but human beings tend to get influenced with what they read and subconsciously they tend to copy what they have read previously which makes you a copycat though you aren’t.

Through this features, you can avoid the trap of being called a copy cat.

Improves your content quality by unique vocabulary

I tend to use a lot of similar words like mistake, good/very good but by using Grammarly you can increase your vocabulary Potential as it enhances or gives you suggestions to use different vocabulary with same meaning to improve the quality of your text for example – Error can be utilized in the place of mistake & excellent can be used in place of good.

Grammarly corrects mistakes for you on a click

End of the show Grammarly doesn’t just only show you your mistake and a way to correct but it also helps you in correcting the error with just a single mouse left or right click (depending on your dominant hand). Which I would show you in the below demo.

It not only corrects you, but it makes you a master as well

By correcting your mistakes with Grammarly you tend to learn the pattern in which you are committing grammatical errors and you can easily figure out patterns from that and try to get out of it very easily so that as time goes on you don’t commit as many mistakes as you commit in beginning with Grammarly that way it makes a master as well. They shoot you a mail every week which consists of all your grammatical errors, vocabulary used in comparison with all the Grammarly users that can give you a confidence that you are improving every week in your content.

How to Use Grammarly?

The below image gives you complete steps on how can you use Grammarly effectivelyGrammarly working infographic


Isn’t this tool accelerating your productivity to achieve 1000% – My experience as an expansion

The #1 Writing Tool
G – your personal Grammar assistant

R – Regular Proctor of your content

A – Accurate at everything

M – Makes you Master of Quality content

M – Makes you Master of Speed writing

A – Addicted to Perfection

R – Revolutionizes your content

L – very Loyal

Y – gives you Yahoo feeling


Click to get Grammarly Pro Version

The above is my affiliate link for the pro version using which you can enjoy Grammarly and at the same time you can benefit me also. A WIN – WIN situation.

Hope you liked the post.

Thanks ­­for reading. Share your experiences about Grammarly & my Grammarly review with me through comments, I would be very happy to hear. If you have enjoyed reading this post, then please share it with your buddies & do subscribe to my blog for more interesting stuff  & our newsletter by feeding in your email below. Bye… take care…

I am Surya Konduru, began blogging to share what I meant was useful with the world as I do it with my friends. It’s been a year since I am blogging and it is really awesome to blog. By the way, I blog @,

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