Bouncing ball can bounce back but a mud ball cannot

Bouncing ball can bounce back but a mud ball cannot

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There are two types of balls, one made of rubber / or a material which has the quality to bounce while the other made by taking and joining a piece of mud which doesn’t have the quality to bounce and the moment it hits the bottom it sticks the bottom not even trying to bounce little bit back & in addition to that it loses its shape.

People are also of two types through the above scenario one type who keep on repenting / cursing / muttering with & within themselves when they are ditched down by life or people or circumstances – they don’t bounce back whether they can bounce back or not, coming to the other category of people who will bounce back to the same level with the same speed with which they were ditched to the bottom.

They don’t care who ditched them or how they were ditched but their only intention is to bounce back as soon as possible and as high as possible without losing any enthusiasm.

A Hard fall means a High Bounce… If you are made of the right material (mud or the other) – Anonymous. Falling down can be an opportunity only if we are made of the right material to bounce back. Hence, developing that bouncing back material inside us is important to make the maximum use of the fall.

Enthusiasm is the Elasticity to bounce back

utsaho balavan Arya nasthi utsahat param balam |
sotsahasya ca lokeshu na kimcid api durlabham || – Ayodhyakanda (Ramayana)

“Enthusiasm is very powerful, O Aryan (Rama); there is no greater strength than
enthusiasm. For one who is enthusiastic, nothing in the world is
difficult / impossible to achieve.”

In Ramayana, when Lord Rama is getting is worrying about his missing wife Mother Sita, Laxmana says the above words. He means that the enthusiasm is the only quality which we need to have to bounce back thought we hit the bottom it is similar to the elasticity of the bouncing ball which makes it bounce. He also says Worry is the biggest quality of the mud ball kind of people because worry destroys the courage, knowledge and therefore everything of a man so in order to bounce back we should stop worrying and start living with enthusiasm.

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Sachin Tendulkar – bounce back

I don’t measure one’s success by how high he climbs but how high he bounces when he hits the bottom. – General George Patton

Sachin Tendulkar - Bounce back
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As everyone knows Sachin Tendulkar is considered as one of the legend in Cricket & God of cricket in India with a tonnes of records on his name but in the middle of his career(in his 30’s when most cricketers retire) even he the so-called GOD has faced a lot of difficulties why ? Because, it is very common in Life for a person to face ups & downs in Life.
Life is not always a bed of roses there will also be lot of thorns also in it which are very painful but Sachin did not get ditched instead he bounced back with exploding enthusiasm. He has hit a boundary or a six to each and every criticism ball came in his way and made him the first human being on the planet to score a double century @ age of 37.
Do we call him a Legend or a God if he would have left the game when he was not doing well NO absolutely NO.He has bounced back again… again… until he reached his desired height.

People who fail the hardest

Bounce back the HIGHEST – Anonymous

That is the power of bouncing back. There are (or) were a lot of mud ball kind of people in the world but there are only some bouncing ball minded ones and the difference is only in their elasticity which has made them surpass all their miseries and problems and ditches with equal or even more amount power and success.

That elasticity & hope, courage, enthusiasm are needed to bounce back.

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