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Shoutmeet Hyderabad – A blast of blogging ideas, bloggers & Harsh agarwal

I have been to the historic blogging meet – The shoutmeet held @ Hyderabad yesterday, it was really awesome experience meeting the hero who has inspired me to start a blog of my own in live (like a dream come true), the event was literally a blast of ideas about blogging, inspiration, digital marketing & then having fun, winning goodies I wanted to share with you all those which I thought are very sound ideas and are to be used right away.

Blogging is a very interesting platform to interact with the whole world and one can make money, fame & name also out of it. But, when newbies start out with blogging due to a little more enthusiasm to achieve more & more in less time, they tend to do some mistakes which might be very troublesome in their blogging career…

Google AdSense is one of the best monetization network available. Getting AdSense is first difficult step and managing it is the second difficult one, but with the use of wordpress plugins and tools we can easily manage our AdSense account and even effectively by placing the ads without any coding by just some clicks and staying in sync with our AdSense earnings every second through our handset.

Google Adsense is one of the best ad network to monetize your blog content to earn money for you. But, the approval has become very strict now. Google Adsense approval trick has to be used or criteria has to be met to get the approval easily.

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