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Youth Arise Awake and Know Your Strength

Youth is not a phase of life but it is a ” State of Mind ” because I have read about individuals who are full of enthusiasm in their old age and of young people deeply discouraged, unhappy. So, then youth becomes a state of mind, behavior aspect than an age-related parameter. This post is about a book – Youth Arise Awake and Know your Strength, which is wonderfully written to motivate the youth in you.

Gospel of Strength

Strength is a word which can only be defined by a person who is himself strong. I know of one such human being who was not only strong but strengthened the souls of millions with his fiery words and he is none other than Swami Vivekananda. He has defined strength in the form of a gospel, let us look into the gospel a bit deeper to dive into the deep ocean of his strength

Victim To the Titan Spectrum – A superb free tool to transform yourself in 90 days by Robin Sharma

Only the mediocre are always at their best wrote Jean Giraudoux, a French writer. To be frank, he is right, and his thought holds efficiently… good in this age, as people who don’t update them regularly (in modern times) meet their end. The technology of today is often termed as cutting edge may be because it can either cut our challenges if we know how to use it or cut ourselves if we don’t know to use & upgrade it. A superb tool to help you improve easily, effectively designed by Robin Sharma…

A walk across the stars – What you should be proud of?

Yes, the stars did shine that day. There had been no day when they did not. Well, there was no reason for them to not shine, for they were shining beings. Now whatever the scientific connotation be behind this phenomenon of shining, poets would little regard that or they might regard that—it all differs from poet to poet.

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