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Gospel of Strength

Strength is a word which can only be defined by a person who is himself strong. I know of one such human being who was not only strong but strengthened the souls of millions with his fiery words and he is none other than Swami Vivekananda. He has defined strength in the form of a gospel, let us look into the gospel a bit deeper to dive into the deep ocean of his strength

Youth Arise Awake and Know Your Strength

Youth is not a phase of life but it is a ” State of Mind ” because I have read about individuals who are full of enthusiasm in their old age and of young people deeply discouraged, unhappy. So, then youth becomes a state of mind, behavior aspect than an age-related parameter. This post is about a book – Youth Arise Awake and Know your Strength, which is wonderfully written to motivate the youth in you.

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