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Two types of people – ONE with Goal and ONE without

Goals are the destinations moreover guideposts to keep us moving in a proper direction else our efforts will be mere calorie burners than success achieving. So, in order to shape our efforts in order to reap benefits from them if have to discipline them through a goal and then alone they will be useful else we end up doing all the required hard work with nothing fruitful in return

I am against the belief that Life is a race, I heard this phrase first in the famous & wonderful comedy entertainer 3 idiots (A Hindi movie) where the principal of the college says to the students during the orientation that life is a race & if you don’t run fast then you will be eaten up by your competitors while at the end of the story the hero of the story makes the principal makes him realize what exactly life is.

What would U do when a dagger or challenge is thrown at U?

You are standing still and some threw a dagger @ u, you have 2 options catching it with handle or blade. If u catch by blade then it hurts u similarly a problem or challenge is thrown @ u, if you catch it as a lesson or experience like catching the dagger with handle it will take you forward as a weapon takes you forward in a battle, but if you catch it with blade….

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