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It always feels good and inspiring when we listen about some entrepreneurs who have worked very hard to reach their goals in spite of no personal advantages, no big degrees, no special talent but they were & are very much successful in their lives & professions.
Arun Pudur is one such person who has turned his life into an upside curve just through his desire to become a good entrepreneur in spite of the great competition available now….

We face very bitter experiences in some situations and they leave us with lot of pain which is unable to digest but along with pain they bring a lot of opportunities with them for us to make use of them to grow in the process by helping others not to face that bitterness which we have faced. OLA cabs inception has one such story

Bouncing ball can bounce back but a mud ball cannot

There are two types of balls, one made of rubber / or a material which has the quality to bounce while the other made by taking and joining a piece of mud which doesn’t have the quality to bounce and the moment it hits the bottom it sticks the bottom not even trying to bounce little bit back & in addition to that it loses its shape.

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