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APJ Abdul Kalam – The missile man is no more

APJ Abdul Kalam is no more was the news which the whole country has heard yesterday, but the whole country is willing to travel in his vision to make his dreams true. He was old in age but not in his soul and attitude. He has performed actions which even youngsters can’t dream to do. His life is a tribute to the nation and inspirations to the millions…

Abraham Lincoln letter to his son’s teacher

Abraham Lincoln is one of the famous personalities who has ever existed in the world history, his life has a lot of lessons which can be guideposts for our life and help us resolving our problems. This post is about the letter he has written for his son’s teacher on the first day of his school on what has to be taught to his son. The letter is really a treasure of lessons on what a child should know and what he should be taught.

One question came to my mind on the Gandhi Jayanthi on why is he called the Father of the Nation exactly? and my mind came up with some arguments in support of that based on my association with that great personality through his books, quotes, messages & speeches of great people about him.

Happy birthday chacha Nehru – Children loving, encouraging personality

Jawaharlal Nehru was an Inspiring leader of the Independent India and his life has a beautiful message to work hard whether your are rich or not. His personality has a lot of to teach to the modern India and even world, about how a father, leader, son, chacha should be. His love for children made his birthday – childrens day. For the inspiring instincts from his life…

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