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Cockroach theory is a short but wonderful story which is a true one indeed noticed by the person sitting next to the table watching the reaction of various people when cockroach was jumping on them through which the person concludes on how we can handle our tensions, worries the same way, how the cockroach is handled in the story.

MS Dhoni is one of the coolest & Inspiring captains in the World Cricket. He has won both the matches & hearts of millions with his attitude & performance. This post is a tribute to him for the way he has handled both the failure & the success situations under pressure in his career (especially in ICC WC 2015 semi-finals) & paved a way to inspire millions to follow his route i.e., stay CALM keep going with a million dollar SMILE irrespective of the pressure & situations.

Fake it until you make it – SS Rajamouli story

You might have heard this quote from many, but we hear a lot of quotes and it will be very easy to remember and use them if we have a real success story which worked because of that quote. I was just surfing through youtube and found out a video which I thought would be an apt example for this statement – Fake it Until you make it.

There are 3 Golden hours available for each of us freely and they can add a Golden touch to our life. Those 3 hrs if we can use in a planned way then we can use the rest of our time 21 hrs productively and accomplish the tasks planned on every today.

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