Self Development

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I am against the belief that Life is a race, I heard this phrase first in the famous & wonderful comedy entertainer 3 idiots (A Hindi movie) where the principal of the college says to the students during the orientation that life is a race & if you don’t run fast then you will be eaten up by your competitors while at the end of the story the hero of the story makes the principal makes him realize what exactly life is.

MS Dhoni is one of the coolest & Inspiring captains in the World Cricket. He has won both the matches & hearts of millions with his attitude & performance. This post is a tribute to him for the way he has handled both the failure & the success situations under pressure in his career (especially in ICC WC 2015 semi-finals) & paved a way to inspire millions to follow his route i.e., stay CALM keep going with a million dollar SMILE irrespective of the pressure & situations.

Go to bed as a Winner

Every night when we get to sleep, we tend to immerse in a rebuilding of ourselves physically & mentally through our thoughts, our dreams, our fears (if we have any) etc. Every day is our life in a miniature says, Brain Tracy. If we have to start a whole new life with a lot of enthusiasm tomorrow then should we not have a million dollar sleep tonight?

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