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Youth Arise Awake and Know Your Strength

Youth is not a phase of life but it is a ” State of Mind ” because I have read about individuals who are full of enthusiasm in their old age and of young people deeply discouraged, unhappy. So, then youth becomes a state of mind, behavior aspect than an age-related parameter. This post is about a book – Youth Arise Awake and Know your Strength, which is wonderfully written to motivate the youth in you.

Strong Hunger or desire is needed to achieve anything in life but without a wild expectation that we shall achieve it for sure makes us look foolish in present will not make us the fools who make the dream a reality. Steve Jobs concludes his speech with a phrase Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

Fake it until you make it – SS Rajamouli story

You might have heard this quote from many, but we hear a lot of quotes and it will be very easy to remember and use them if we have a real success story which worked because of that quote. I was just surfing through youtube and found out a video which I thought would be an apt example for this statement – Fake it Until you make it.

Staying cool & assertive can give you an edge

Normally, when we tend to watch any one among us reacting to a situation in a cool way to inspires everyone around him and it can also be noticed that the person who tries to stay calm & stays calm some how figures out solution to any difficult problem which seems impossible for others associated with him.
It is pretty natural that staying calm & cool gives us an edge, but the question is how to stay cool is the question?

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