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Price and Value sound very similar but they are very different in terms of meaning. Knowing their difference can make you a good investor and successful in terms of money and give an additional control over the way you spend your money and the time you take in spending the money.

It is often believed that they are lot of differences between rich and poor like money, status, influence but these are really not the real differences. There is a difference which is the reason for the actual difference i.e., Thinking, the way poor and rich or rich and poor think is the major cause of the difference between them.

Google Adsense is one of the best ad network to monetize your blog content to earn money for you. But, the approval has become very strict now. Google Adsense approval trick has to be used or criteria has to be met to get the approval easily.

Once there was a greatest person who has become a legend in his industry & even in the country. Who has made a fortune not only for himself but for everyone who believed in him and invested in him. You know ? to become such a great person he has drawn his inspiration from the smallest creature.

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