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Benefits of Journal Writing – Recording your today for a better tomorrow

Many of us live life, but forget to record them in the hurry of living life. It is important to record our life because that way we would know where we stood yesterday and where we are now else we would never know how far we travelled when we have started our journey, Journal Writing is a great exercise for that.

So, this post is about Benefits of Journal Writing i.e. Recording your today for a better tomorrow.

Victim To the Titan Spectrum – A superb free tool to transform yourself in 90 days by Robin Sharma

Only the mediocre are always at their best wrote Jean Giraudoux, a French writer. To be frank, he is right, and his thought holds efficiently… good in this age, as people who don’t update them regularly (in modern times) meet their end. The technology of today is often termed as cutting edge may be because it can either cut our challenges if we know how to use it or cut ourselves if we don’t know to use & upgrade it. A superb tool to help you improve easily, effectively designed by Robin Sharma…

AdviceAdda – You have a problem they have an expert advice

Life is an interesting journey where we travel without knowing where we shall be tomorrow & what experiences it shall bring with it. In the process of moving forward in life, we tend to face obstacles some of which we knew how to solve, some we don’t know how to solve. And, we look for help.

Boost your English Writing skills by 10 times using Grammarly – Review

Every one of us writes a lot of content regularly to satisfy various objectives like emailing a best friend or boss to report daily progress, commenting on a blog post or on a Facebook wall or photo. The seriousness and effect of the content vary widely but if we tend to make any grammatical mistake, then it cannot be fruitful always. In search of a tool to accelerate my activity keeping up its quality I found out Grammarly, my experience and review of the tool…

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