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This post is dedicated to the coolest captain I have ever known in my favorite game of cricket. It is well said that Cricket is a Religion in India & Sachin is God. But there is one more person who has won equal accolades with his wise decisions & extraordinary attitude both under pressure and without that he is none other than The Indian cricket team skipper MS Dhoni (Mahendra Singh Dhoni).

It is difficult to handle failure

When I was watching the ICC Word CUP 2015 semi-final match one poster has caught my attention, the poster was calling out that

keep calm trust dhoniPeople had a lot of trust on him and till the moment he was there on the field there was hope in the hearts of everyone even in the opposition team that something can happen if he is there. But he has played his part very well despite adversities of the situation when he has come into action. Though he couldn’t take his team to the winning glory but he has taken an efficient part in managing the failure, he has taken the whole responsibility to learn from the failure instead of blaming anyone or anything for failure. His statement about losing match was End of the day the best team would win & they did very well this day & they deserve that – I congratulate them on their victory & wish them a very best what a humble statement was that, isn’t it ?  


A Leader should know how to handle failure

says, the great APJ Abdul Kalam – Speaking about their Project lead who took the whole responsibility on to his shoulder & faced the media when there was a failure but asked Kalam ji to speak to the press when they have succeded through this video Click to watch video 

I guess Dhoni has done that very well, he was more a leader than just a captain. If you see the below video you can never believe that a person who has lost the game in the semi-finals can speak in such a way. Though he alone was the top scorer in semi-finals, he could have simply taken the whole credit & blamed the top order batsman for losing the match but he has given the whole credit to the team only (nothing to him) and especially if you watch the last 2-3 min he was so jovial that he made the Media/press people to burst into laughter with his answers to their questions.

Such should be the attitude of a person though failed in the match but did not fail in learning the lessons the failure has taught which is real indication of Sports spirit and made him a true sportsman. And where can you find Dhoni ? when India has won the last world cup in the below photograph

World Cup 2011 Trophy lifting

No one could have stopped him to catch the cup himself, but he has given that proud chance to his team. Dhoni’s behavior was completely in agreement with Dr.Abdul Kalam’s definition of a leader.

I would like to bow down to his excellent attitude in leading team to continuous win till the semi-final & especially the way he handled after losing semi-final to Australia & then both congratulating, wishing them very best for the final. There are a lot of qualities in him which can be cultivated by us to make us a better person & even a better leader in our field. The following are the qualities which I would like to highlight in him.

  • Staying Calm, Cool & Composed in any situation
  • Self – Confidence
  • Trusting in his team members very well
  • Encouragement he provides to the team in the field
  • His energy in making runs
  • His ability to withstand pressure and support team in most of the critical situations (Most of his performances were under pressure only as his bats @ 6)
  • Last but not the least his Million Dollar Smile which can take the pressure from him team & even the whole country while watching the match

The comments made on Dhoni by Legends & others

 Sachin Tendulkar –

I Played under many captains,but Dhoni is the one who fulfilled my Dreams.

Sourav Ganguly –

Dont compare me with Dhoni, he is captain terrifc

& Dhoni is the best captain india ever Had.

Adam Gilchrist –

MSD is not 2nd Gilly (Gilchrist), He is 1st Dhoni

Gary Kirsten –

I am Ready To go on war with Dhoni.

Faf Duplesis –

Very much impressed with the way Dhoni Leading the boys.

Dwanye Bravo –

Lucky to play under such captain Dhoni

Mishbah –

I dont know how dhoni handing such pressure Condition.

S.Afridi –

Dhoni was junior player when he became captain( in 2007)

But he established his authority on Seniors

S.Jaysuriya –

India Is lucky to have a captain like DHONI i AM big fan of HIM.

M.Hussy –

God Gifted me to play under a such captain like Dhoni.

Ramiz Raza –

Every Pakistani Fan will be Happy to exchange Dhoni for Misbah because such is the

craze for Dhoni here (pakistan) .

Arjuna Ranatunga –

If you come to Sri Lanka you will find that DHONI

has more fans than any other Sri Lankan player.

Shane Warne –

MSD is really one of the greatest to have played cricket.

Michael Vaughan –

MS Dhoni might not be Classy with his Batting approach , but his six hitting skills

are so amazing that every english fan loves to watch it.

All the best MSD for your coming matches & tournaments, we wish you a very best for your contribution to the Indian team & even to the game with your spectacular attitude, Outstanding Courage, Marvelous Strength.

Please do share your views about MSD I would be very very happy to hear. Don’t forget to share the post if you like it, to spread both the coolness & Inspiration Dhoni has spilled on us.

Bye… take care..

I am Surya Konduru, began blogging to share what I meant was useful with the world as I do it with my friends. It’s been a year since I am blogging and it is really awesome to blog. By the way, I blog @,

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