Was an Ant Inspiration to him? Interesting !!!

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Today I want to share with you about a legend who earned his inspiration from one of the smallest creature in the world and has become one of the or the biggest Industrialist & Business tycoon of the nation and even in the world.

DhiruBHAI Ambani

He is Dhirajlal Hirachand Ambani and popularly known as Dhirubhai Ambani, bhai means brother in Hindi. He was called as a brother by everyone because he served each and every investor like his younger brother.

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Why & How? Because he always dreamed of becoming a great person & starting a great industry for the country & himself, for making his dreams a reality – he worked day & night very hard in that process he has given glory and profit to his investors then to his nation in the form of taxes and then for himself in the way how an elder brother does all the effort by himself alone for making the dreams of younger brothers & sisters a reality.

We rarely see people of such a great vision and conviction. He was born in a family which was not financially well established but well respected, his father was a good hearted teacher but was a bit cautious in money matters. Though bhai was very interested in studies he couldn’t study higher, in order to help family’s finance he went abroad & there he worked for some years and he has then returned to India after saving some money through his earnings to start a business of his own as he always believed that

If you don’t work on building your dream then you will be hired by some one to build their’s

Then after his marriage, he started textile business where there was huge competition & challenges at every step for poor and middle class for doing business, he worked. . Worked. .. worked. . A lot and lot and didn’t lose his confidence though many obstacles tried to stop him, he faced all those odds like one there were many allegations put against him & even he got paralysed due to shock but he didn’t loose his Grit & Confidence.
He dreamed …he worked…he dreamed. .he worked… worked never stopped dreaming & never gave up working. As a result the a plant planted by him has given & is still giving cool shade & delicious fruits to millions.

The below video is from a Hindi movie GURU inspired by bhai’s Life story. This is the climax scene of the movie – I am translating the video if you don’t know Hindi

 Greetings to Shakthi family (Name of the his company in movie) Don’t dream.. my father used to say
Because dreams will never become reality.
But, I had a dream. . We had a dream … A dream to become the number one company in India … So, has our dream come true. .? Yes(crowd) So then what next ? shall we stop here only or shall we see one more dream
Do you all want to become number one in the world ? Shall we announce/declare it to the world that we are coming ?

It was really just an ANT

And I didn’t share with you about his inspiration exactly right ? His history is so great that I can’t stop myself speaking about him once I start. His inspiration was an ANT just a small ant.


Have seen any ant sleeping ? No I don’t think you might have seen it sleeping/taking rest anytime & did you wonder anytime how these ants can find the sugar or sweetish food no matter how tightly we pack the container lid or how intelligently we hide them. He has taken this aspect of ant only into consideration and got so inspired that if you keep on working …working.. working.. instead of lazily speaking / day dreaming / sleeping about doing things then you will definitely find the sugar or sweet you want no matter how hard the lid is locked or wherever it is hidden .

Isn’t it wonderful that how one of the smallest creature can teach us some of the greatest lessons of life and lead us to glory.

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