Do you pamper yourself?

Do you pamper yourself?

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As it is the new year, it is the season of forming new habits and resolutions. I do it or at least try to do it every year due to which some of the habits become stronger and some didn’t sprout at all.So, to increase the probability of Strengthening my good habits and weakening my bad habits – I started listening to various people on habits.

I listened to the speeches of Gaur Gopal Das – An ISKON Monk (very interesting speaker – molds content in a wrapper of fun and delivers, it is really a pleasure to listen to his speech). He has begun a series to help people in guiding through their new habits, this is a small preface to the next topic, so let’s get started with the actual topic. 

In one of those videos about Habit formation, he spoke about pampering self or mind, below is the video. I found that point very interesting and thought of sharing my views with you and how can the same logic be used more powerfully. 

Pampering yourself

Generally, the above term is used in the context of Kids and parents (based on how are they treated or brought up). But, he has linked the same act with ourselves and how we treat our minds or ourselves. 

I asked a question to myself – Do I pamper myself or my mind? And, surprisingly my answer was Yes. Whenever I get a thought or impulse like I want to watch TV or movie or eat anything I never say NO to myself. Though, it is not the right thing to do at that particular time. 

My case study

For example, recently, after having a heavy dinner at night, I wanted to eat Junk food at around 9 pm in the night. It is no wrong or crime to do it because  

I don’t have any health issues like an ulcer or any which would cause pain to me if I eat at that time. 

I had no urgency of work, as it was on a weekend – Friday Night. pamper yourself

But, it wasn’t the right thing to do because I have a habit of eating early in the night and then following early to bed, early to rise cycle. But, because of eating junk food at late in the night I couldn’t immediately sleep and early to bed was effected which had the subsequent effect (Avalanche effect – one decision affecting other activities) on Early to Rise and all other tasks planned from morning on a Bright weekend Saturday were disturbed. 

The action of eating something at night didn’t cause a major loss to myself, but it proved one fact that I had been pampering myself. The moment I wanted to eat junk food (I have asked something to myself), I didn’t consider whether it is right or wrong for that particular situation not even for a second and went in pursuit of that desire (which is generally referred as pampering by parents).  

The parents who give their Kids whatever they ask for without carefully analyzing whether the child really needs it or not and whether it is good or bad for him/her or not etc. Sometimes, we do the same mistake, we pamper our mind like some parents do with their children. 


Great things come out of being hungry and cold. Once you’re pampered, you get lazy. – Rob Zombie for more

It is not so pleasant to deal with pampered children (not even for their parents when they can’t provide what their children demand) and the very same thing happens with a pampered mind as well. The mind accustomed to getting YES from us for whatever it asks would never co-operate properly with us in getting our work done.

Because work isn’t always pleasant but we can’t avoid it. It gets very difficult to perform an unpleasant task with the help of a pampered mind and body.

If you consider in the above example of mine, the mind’s desire was to have food of its liking and it wouldn’t compromise even if tomorrow is an exam when the right thing is to study instead of spending time at fast food or even when I have an important assignment, for which I have to finish my eating quickly, I might have to wait in line for the junk food and miss the assignment as my mind doesn’t accept my NO. 


I was pampered by all my father’s directors and producers during childhood. But at home, my father made sure I led a normal life.

 – Ram Charan

The reason why I gave a little lengthy introduction about Gaur Gopal Das is that he has both identified a problem which we regularly face and gave a simple, effective solution (though it isn’t that easy). 

He suggested postponing the wrong instead of denying. The mind is very strong and fickle if you try to control or deny whatever it asks for always then there is a chance where you have to fight against it constantly (which is very dangerous and makes you unproductive).  

Postpone wrong to later and at the same time Prepone good or right things to Now and do them. 

 As I have mentioned, the technique is simple, but isn’t that easy for everyone. But, if you practice there is a chance you can slowly train your pampered self (if you were like me – though I don’t pamper myself too much, little bit only 😉 ). 

Please ask the same question to yourself – Do you pamper yourself? If Yes, then take necessary solution as help and start working on it because you refer to the result section for pampered mind and body consequences. If you don’t Pamper yourself then well and good, comment the techniques you use to say ‘NO’ to yourself.

Thanks for Reading. Hope this post was useful and helpful to you. Do comment your views about the post to me through the comment section.

I am Surya Konduru, began blogging to share what I meant was useful with the world as I do it with my friends. It’s been a year since I am blogging and it is really awesome to blog. By the way, I blog @,

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