From Engineering failure to Multi millionaire – Varun agarwal

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This post is dedicated to Varun Agarwal who has inspired many individuals and me also for dreaming more and Varun Agarwalto achieve more and more by doing things which you love and leaving behind the external noise trying to stop you.

Varun Agarwal is an first-generation entrepreneur, film maker, author. Born in Karnataka, India. Though he studied engineering he has left that as he was lacking interest in it. Then he started making short films, Co – founded Alma mater, Reticular, Last minute films.

He is also a sole author of a best-selling book How I braved Anu aunty and Co – founded a Million Dollar company

Failures teach you what is true

In his talks Varun mentions that, from beginning he was taught by his parents to Think well before you do anything but he mentions that most of the times when he has failed the reason was because he has thinked very much to do that and thought he gave so much of thinking to that but still he failed.

Then those failures have taught him some of the interesting lesson that when ever he did some thing which is close to his heart and which he loves to do without any effort gave him overwhelming success in that though he does it without enough thinking 

He says, Don’t Think worked more for him than Think

He is true in a way or the other according me because some times we will waste a lot of time thinking and analysing about a particular thing and end up doing nothing, too much thinking is definitely harmful.

Go after your love though it is late

Most of the times when we are about to have a big break before that we are put into a diversified situation by life which pushes us to decide this or that any one only and though we choose to go after our love only but to be secured and by the advise from our elders who always look for our security we choose the safe one though we don’t love it much and repent later.

Varun also has faced a situation like this to choose between his love of film making for which he has got offer from a company in Bombay and his tiresome studies as he was least interested in that but due to the family advise he has to complete his education and then he started his journey to Bombay with a one way ticket hoping that the company which has called him years back might hold a job for him still but he was lucky enough to get that job. His work was to shot a film promo of Slum dog Millionaire with A.R. Rahman, when Varun met Rahman, Rahman told him that

Life is very short, so don’t hesitate to live the life of your dreams.

Keeping that one thing in mind Varun has started out to live the life of his dreams and made the impossible possible.

Winning moments

When Varun has started a company for manufacturing hoodies for a school group with the group logo on it and the hoodies went viral as many bought them for their group & event promotion, the idea of the hoodie manufacturing came to Varun when he was in a bar on one day and the same day the next year in the same bar when Varun was celebrating his success, he saw a man walking wearing the hoodie manufactured by them, he claims that those were his real winning moments and not the money, profit, fame, name one is making.

Life is all about those Winning moments only

Converting Our critics into $$ cash $$

Varun mentions that his mother had a close friend named Anu and she was also very cautious about Varun’s future as he was turning out to be something other than the traditional Engineer / Doctor profession which is not at all acceptable in India where most of the parents and neighbourhood give importance to security and safety rather love, innovation, experimenting etc.

His aunty was his good critic and he has turned that criticism into a cash flow to him by writing a book on her
named How I braved Anu Aunty and started a multi million dollar company

What really matters @ retirement

Varun shares a story about two people who were very bright in their studies and got into IIT’s for their education, both went to Foreign countries for working after they have completed their education around 5 figure income per month. One of them stayed in the foreign country only while the other one returned to India after some time.

After a long time, the person who settled in foreign came to India for visiting the home land and landed in Calcutta. Due to some problem his car has stopped in the middle of his journey and had to go to a garage for getting it repaired and as the driver was speaking with the mechanic the person went to watch the mechanic and got shocked to the see his friend as mechanic who has studied with him in the college and has come along with him to foreign for working. Then he asked him, ” What are you doing here ? that too as a mechanic ? You were very rich right ? ” Then the person replied, ”  From beginning, the work that I loved was repairing cars with my own hands and I truly love it and hence I have retired from my high paying job as soon as possible and started working on the thing which I love the most “.

Seeing his mechanic friend, the foreign one thought that his friend was very much happy compared to him doing the work which he loved and living the life which he dreamed of but he (foreign) was more living some one else’s dream(s) compared to his dreams.

The below is a video by Varun himself, watch it to get to know more about him in his Own words and get inspired by his story for being and doing more.

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