Effective Way for Refreshing and Energising self during work breaks

Effective Way for Refreshing and Energising self during work breaks

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We need periodic breaks from our regular job or work & if we are asked to work without any breaks, then we tend to get exhausted completely. Why does this happen? Because we work only for a purpose & to work for happiness is a bit difficult because not all are fortunate to work in the profession that they love, right? So, though we are working in occupations that we love or not, we want regular breaks & temporary retirement from them in the form of weekends or holidays, etc. Let’s discuss some proven methods to refresh and energize ourselves during our work breaks effectively.

Working rather than resting gives you more peace

resting doesn't give you refreshment recreation doesMost of us think that if we want to get rest, peace during breaks – we need to visit a garden for a walk or have a good sleep or take rest from routine, etc. But, this isn’t always true because by resting more to find peace we tend to turn towards to lethargic or lazy mood. Whenever you are tired with your usual work, we lack the focus to work at our best & that’s the reason we want the break so that we can focus better after the break.
But, even after taking rest in our traditional methods we don’t refresh because of the ineffective methods we follow, and we tend to waste the precious weekends & holidays instead of utilizing them to improve our lost focus.

Don’t resign to rest, instead embrace enjoyment

Instead of resigning into complete rest we can give it out another try say for example –

If you are feeling bored of with work routine & got tired doing it, we can try some other work that excites us say for

Albert einstein refreshing and energizing self with playing violin
(C) classicalmusicblogspot.com

Example, Albert Einstein used to play violin when he gets tired of his usual work. Really when we get tired or bored, it is an indication that our mind got used up the most & is unable to focus on the same activity anymore. During this peak performance time if we switch to any other unproductive work or sleep or gossips we tend to lose the focus & energy gained through our work as we discussed above.

But, if we direct our attention to some other exciting recreation or challenging task like playing any music instrument, outdoor games like football, swimming then we shall be re-energised again to do our daily routine effortlessly & more efficiently. This is proved by the acts of some famous personalities even in the modern era.

Sergey Brin, the co-founder of Google spends his free time, bungy jumping, playing outdoor, etc. – Business Insider Post on his recreation

Sergey brin refreshing and energizing self
(C) Business Insider

— Rest gives us only relaxation, but recreation gives us relaxation & energy of the highest quality

If you can’t afford (with time or money) outside games or sports right now. Then you can try cooking, playing chess or other indoor games, doing meditation; yoga gives us both relaxations & at the same time energizes you to the max.

Our Family is our asset

Steve Jobs energizing and refreshing self with his family
(C) celebfamily.com

We do all the hard work & sacrifices in life to keep our family happy & if we don’t spend enough time with them, then our effort have gone in vain. Spend some time talking to your family member or friend during your boredom time.

Please take care not to turn the conversation into gossips & useless talks. Understand their concerns, especially those of your kids’ & spouse because they are an integral part of your life and without their happiness you won’t be happy at all.

Though they need money for survival which you are working for, they also need more of you to spend time with them and without a proper time with you, then won’t be able to enjoy the riches you are earning for them.


Mr. Bill Gates refreshing and energizing self with family
(C) celebfamily.com

If the work break is a big one, make some time watching a movie or planning a dinner/lunch at a restaurant with your family. That way you shall give proper time to your relationships as well.

Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, etc. spend quality time with their families which is one of the reasons they are jubilant & successful in their lives.


Spend time working on some other productive activity during the work breaks, this gives you refreshement & relaxation at the same time.

Break your Boredom not your focus during work breaks






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