Facebook townhall with Modi & Mark superb discussion about digital India

Facebook townhall with Modi & Mark superb discussion about digital India

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I have had a chance more over an opportunity to watch the town hall held at Facebook HQ hosted by Mark Zuckerberg (The CEO who connected the world with his innovation FB) and attended by the PM of the world’s Largest democracy. It was a tribute to watch them both of them were unique & great in their own way. I felt the town hall was really awesome and thought of sharing my experiences with you.

Facebook townhall with Modi & Mark

Welcomed with Chak de India song

The event started with the song Chak de India (listening to which every Indian would feel proud & happy) to invite FB townhall with Mark modione of the best Leader of the country to the stage. It was a pretty warm welcome to him by Mark to respectable PM as well as to Indians.

Indian Inspiration behind Mark’s & FB’s success

The CEO Mark has initiated the town hall with his past experience with both India & PM Modi. Mark shared his personal story which wasn’t revealed publicly till now. During the initial phase of facebook when it was not yet a huge success and it was about to be sold to others as it wasn’t doing well in order to meet the vision of Mark to connect people across the globe and before taking any major decision regarding the further plans he thought of meeting his mentor Steve Jobs.
Mark at FB town hallJobs has narrated his own story of visiting India & a temple in India before his vision with apple had come true, Mark did the same as Jobs & he has admitted it humbly that instant of his life with all.

Social media educated me

CEO asked Modi about how he was so much into social media when compared to the other leaders not only in India but in the whole world who don’t use social media to such extent.

Modi answered that he didn’t expect that his social media following would make him CM or PM and the main reason
he used social media very much because he wasn’t fortunate to have a very good education and to achieve something in the real world education is very important & Social media accepted the way he is without any restrictions and taught him many things about life, people, countries etc. It helped me to be more diplomatic.

The gap between the common man & Government was erased to a great extent through social media & he claimed due to which we have elections every 5 min instead of every 5 years. He narrated how it helped him to interact with leaders of other Nations not only professionally but also personally through his experiences of wishing Chinese Leader on his birthday & Festival wishes to Israel leader on their festival in their own language which got him a thank you in Hindi.

India is an address for investment – Digital India

PM Modi’s main intention to visit USA was to achieve #DigitalIndia and promote the address of India to among foreignMark zuckherberg supporting Digital India investors to explain them that India is in an era where investing in it would be golden. He explained India has 3 D’s which made it unique & they are –

  1. Demographic dividend
  2. Democracy
  3. Demand
    1. Deregularization (This a bonus D)
Being a country of 800 million under 35 makes India a young  country with a high population of youth can only aim higher and not at all lower in any means. He was referring that many countries don’t know where to invest money so he is showing the address of India which is a golden goose for investment.

Questions & Answers

  1. what are the steps that Modis’ govt is taking towards Digital infrastructure?
    1. This question was asked by the founder of babajobs.com and PM Modi’s answer was that there are many villages in the country presently which don’t have the digital high ways to connect them to the world.
    2. In order to establish this, their team wants to take actions subsequently achieving both physical & digital infrastructure at the same time instead of doing them one after the other which might slow down the process and would be inefficient also.
  2. Does Make in India be a success?
    1. This question was asked by a Former Indian and a facebook employee. And PM Modi’s answer was If you are taking a U – turn with a scooter you can easily see then & there that the scooter is taking U – turn but if you have to see a train taking U – turn then it will take a longer time comparatively and it is difficult to notice that also similarly Make in India but it would Modi at town halltake some time for that to be noticed by the people 
  3. What are the reforms Modi’s govt is taking for Women empowerment?
    1. This question was asked by an Indian Women from Delhi and PM Modi’s answer was – We have Gods in all the places of the world, but it is moreover only India we have female gods like Durga, Sri Lakshmi, Saraswati who are worshipped in equivalent to male gods and even more compared to them.
    2. If we have to develop our country then we can’t restrict our 50% population (of women) and if they don’t actively participate then the development of the country would be stagnant.
    3. In professions like the hill, paramedical etc women are operating dominantly, elections in many Countries is difficult for women to Win in India it is not the case & they intend to bring more reservations for encouraging and allowing women to more effectively participate.

Congratulating FB creator Mark’s Parents

Mark's parentsModi has congratulated Mark’s parents to give birth to him or to the person who has connected the world and made it a better place to live with his invention or innovation facebook.


Can you tell us about your Mother? – Mark to PM Modi

Modi started his answer saying – If you notice the bio or autobiography of any famous person then you can very well find his relation & gratitude towards his mother and teacher. It is difficult to imagine a tea seller to be the leader of world’s largest democracy. I come from a very humble family, Modis humility to claim that he is a tea seller & saluted the whole nation for choosing him as leader @ facebook’s platform.

Modi gets emotional remembering his mother’s hardship to raise her kids and not only his mother but the hardship PM Modi saluting the crowdof each & every mother of the country.
Mother doesn not focus on who you will become but how you will become something and what can she do for you to become something great easily. That is the greatness of mother – PM Narendra Modi @ FB town hall. 
Thus, the Town hall ended with Jai Modi on a foreign land getting the respect of everyone representing his Nation in the best way he can.
You can find the video here, watch it when you are free it is really awesome to watch them talk to the questions and their life experiences.
Salutes to Narendra Modi for representing our Nation in a fantastic manner.


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