Facing the worst gives you the courage to follow your heart

Facing the worst gives you the courage to follow your heart

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We have discussed the 3 step principle of William H. Carrier the founder of air conditioning industry in handling worry. Through this post, I want to focus on only one key aspect of this principle which not only helps us in running out from the frenzy of worry but also gives us the courage to follow your heart and dreams though it is fearful and that is about Facing the worst.

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Facing the Worst

                The prime difference between winner and loser might be, the winner gives his 100% while loser doesn’t have the courage to give the same.

My small case study of facing the worst

I have recently started trading in the stock market and I found out from my friends, family, and others (who love me a lot) that trading in the stock market can be very risky and I might end up losing all money. They aren’t wrong, there are many people who indeed have lost their fortunes in very short time in the stock market. And, people who gave me this advice really love me and care for me and they don’t want the same to happen to me.Facing the worst would give you courage to follow your heart

But, what I realized was let me start small, start trading small and I have allocated a small portion of the money to trade with. And, losing the money (even losing all of them) doesn’t make any harm to me because it is just a small portion of my money.

So, why am I telling this to you? Even, I am frightened to lose my money in stock market, but when I made my mind face the worst possible thing that can happen – I began to analyze what good it does to me?

Pros of following my heart

  1. It would be a secondary source of income
  2. It would make my money grow ahead of inflation
  3. I would learn about trading and how money flows from one country to another etc.

Cons of the same

  1. I have to spend my free time in studying about stock market
  2. I can lose all the money I have invested in the market at the max

Don’t mistake this blog post to be some money making one, but the point which I want to put forth is how preparing myself to face the worst has given me an opportunity to look at the brighter side of challenges.

If I don’t start trading in stock market, then what would I do with that money either save or spend it in vain. Saving money is not wise when the value of money is getting degraded year by year and by trading, I can at least stop spending my left over money in vain 😉

And, next is the time which I am spending to study trading which otherwise would be used to social networking, browsing aimlessly,  chitchat / gossip, watch movies, partying etc. Now as I have faced the worst, I could grow my money almost by 10% in less than a month. Isn’t that awesome? Face the worst and that gives you the courage to follow your dreams.

It gives the courage to follow your heart

You need courage to follow your heart and what stops you is fear, fear of what if that happens or this happens and if you make your mind prepared to face even the worst scenario then it would not have any fear or worry left.

I have taken my trading as a small example to make you understand the subject of facing the worst. This formula can be applied to anything.

Any Achiever or achievement was possible only through facing

Take the story of any Achiever who has achieved something worth noticing, there would have been no hope for them to win in their field, but they have faced the worst boldly and where did they end? They ended up climbing untouched heights and today we call them blessed.

Yup we can call them blessed but they are not blessed with something extra than us, but they can be called blessed because they have the courage to use what they already have to reach where they wanted to go.

The Race between Tortoise and Rabbit

You know about the race between tortoise and rabbit right? Rabbit comes and challenges Tortoise for a race, and Tortoise agrees on the challenge why? It knows for sure that it can’t beat Rabbit at any cost, then why?

Because the true glory lies not in winning or losing, but it lies in trying and trying with great faith and courage. Tortoise faced the worst and it wasn’t competing with Rabbit it was just enjoying the race and what happened as a result? It won the race.

So, be ready to face the worst

Final Note

The Great Swami Vivekananda said – Death is only a change of garment, so don’t fear it and if you don’t fear Death then why do you fear about failure.

Steve Jobs also said in a beautiful way – You are already naked, so there is no reason to not follow your heart, don’t be trapped by Dogma i.e. living with the opinions or expectations of others…

What others may think if I fail, what if others make fun of me etc. thoughts would stop you from following your heart? What others think of us is of least importance to us when it is not useful to us any possible i.e. criticism is welcome only when it is positive or constructive, negative or destructive criticism given by people filled with jealous is of least importance.

Face the worst, face the failure which you are fearing and you would end up reaching your goal.

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