Fantastic lessons from Bahubali movie

Fantastic lessons from Bahubali movie

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You know Bahubali wouldn’t have become a wonderful film just with its Visual Grandeur. But, the story,  strategiesBahubali with Bow & Arrow used by the hero in the movie & his attitude towards difficulties have made it a huge success. I have observed it has some wonderful techniques which even we can use to be more effective in our activities & be a #Bahubali ourselves.

The movie released a long back but why am I publishing this post now? because yesterday it was telecasted on TV. Now, even if I make some points about the movie, everyone would get them more clearly. If you haven’t watched the movie yet then do watch it, it’s an awesome movie available in all the languages. Click here for more info about Movie from IMDB.

Qualities of a King or Leader

  1. Quickly decide the strategy based on the opposite side’s strengths

    • When the hero is informed about the strength of the opposite side, he immediately comes out with #Bahubali on Horsethe strategy to fight back almost instantaneously. This is one of the important traits of a leader – Specialised Knowledge in his field, I don’t think this is a god’s gift. Instead, his knowledge & practical analysis gives him the capacity to come up with a solution to any problem.
    • If a person wants to be a leader in a given field then he has to be very knowledgeable in that field.
    • Knowledge is a power, which can be used to succeed in one’s endeavour.
  2. Use what you have

    • Many complain that they don’t have the required equipment to complete any task not only to win in war.
      • To create a video, they will claim they don’t have a good camera.
      • To create a good blog they claim can’t afford it due to their poor financial position.
      • To write a good article, they complain that their English is not good.
    • They will come up with one good excuse for every question against their failure. The same happens with the hero in the movie where he is not provided appropriate equipment to attack opposite side in open area war. Everyone tells him that he is been cheated with inefficient war equipment.
    • But, his attitude is to exercise his brain in adverse conditions which give him a wonderful idea to fight back with what he has in a more effective way compared to his competitor.
    • The director has conveyed that If you are able to use your brain then every problem can be solved with what you have. 
    • To do any task, it is very easy to say I don’t have this I don’t have that, but it is difficult to do the task with what one has & that choice of choosing difficulty over easy separates winners from losers.
  3. Attitude to save is more important than killing alone in the war

    • Many are often concerned about killing in a war & even go forward to kill their people or their values in the race to win the war. But, true win lies when we both save the lives of our people & maintain our values at the same time attack the opposite side.

      A person who kills 100 men is called Hero, but a person saves 1 life is called God.

  4. Motivate our people & lead them

    • At a point of time in the war, the Mahishmathi side was losing due to opposite side’s power & everyone considers it as a death except Bahubali.
    • He motivates his side to fight back & reminds them of what is a real death is a war.
      • Believing that opposite side is stronger than us in a war is a real death.
      • To be running for life in a war than to fight & die is a real death.
    • The director has beautifully demonstrated that If a leader can fight back in adversity then his team can also fight back. 
    • If you are working as a team & face an obstacle or a failure which is eating your effort & success also. And, due to which your team is losing heart. Don’t mistake failure as permanent but it is temporary & very temporary & keep fighting.
    • Motivate your team also to fight back reminding them of your mission to fight.

    The sight of an achievement is the greatest gift a human being could offer others. – AYN RAND.

  5. Accept the decision of elders

    • Though Bahubali is the reason for winning the war & he deserves to be the king. He never says not even shows his anguish when his competitor is being announced as the King. Accepting the decision of elders gives a person peace of mind & even what he wants sooner or later.
    • It is very easy to argue with elders, but difficult to accept what is given. That is what made Sri Rama – Lord Sri Rama in Ramayana. Accept what is offered to you, there is a greatness in silently accepting than to make a noisy argument.
  6. Confidence & self-belief

    • Nothing worthwhile can ever be achieved without Self confidence & self-belief. These have to be even more concentrated for a leader as he has to win the trust of others as well to be lead by him.
    • If you want others to believe in you then you have to have belief in yourself first says an author. Develop unquestionable confidence by always facing your challenges & fears that kept you back. This way you will lead both yourself & others forward.


Love for Mother

  1. Lifting the Shiva lingam

    • In an effort to satisfy his mother’s wish, he lifts the shiva lingam on his shoulders which is not at all an bahuabli - shivudueasy task. This is a wonderful message to every son to dive in for accomplishing any task, however, difficult it is.
    • Mother is considered greater than god & if we can keep her happy, that it would definitely lead us to our destiny.
  2. Beheading the person (Bhadra)

    • Though he doesn’t know that his mother is DevaSena (Anushka) who is being punished by the villain out of his cruel nature, he beheads the person fighting hard to kill the Villian’s son as he is causing pain to the elder lady.
    • Every woman is or should be regarded as Mother & if any pathetic human being is causing pain to them then fighting for their safety alone makes us a true human being.


Ambition is path to success. Persistence is vehicle you arrive in. – Bill Bradley

  1. By the elder Queen to save child

    • The elder queen wants to save the child & she intends to sacrifice her life for that purpose. The way she Queen lifting baby uses to save the child is portrayed is really awesome. It takes a lot of time for people around to recognize that a kid is being saved at the river.
    • The queen saves the kid’s life finally & gives the person who comes to save the kid a signal to take him to the top & gives her life away only after the kid reaches safe hands.
  2. By Shivudu to climb the hill

    • Mountain Trecking is itself very difficult & if it’s on a waterfall it becomes even more difficult. But, the main trick the hero never quits until he succeeds though he has fallen innumerable times.
    • It is very difficult to beat a person who never quits wrote an author & if you also try to achieve you goal & have no plans of quitting then your success is confirmed & you can start visualizing the success which is just the remaining half battle.
    • The below is the full video to enjoy the persistence of climbing inspite of falling, enjoy the persistence demonstration with wonderful visual grandeur.

Every Problem can be solved

Pain is temporary, Quitting lasts forever. LANCE AMSTRONG

To reach the top

After reaching almost the top of the water mountain, he reaches a point with no way to the top & with only a tree above the impediment above him. He cleverly makes a bow & an arrow with what he has & reaches the top. Every problem can be solved with your brain which is the most powerful computer in the world & remember every computer in the world was an output of a human being.

however difficult a problem, there will be a way

Rescuing the punished queen (Deva Sena) from the Mahishmathi Kingdom is not an easy task. But, a belief that every problem can be solved gives courage to Shivudu to go forward & rescue her successfully. And, when you are strong with your mission no impossibility exists. The start of with your journey towards goal now, you will somehow figure out the solution.

Thanks ­­for reading. Share your views about interesting lessons you have learned from Bahubali movie and the post content with me through comments, I would be very happy to hear. If you have enjoyed reading this post then share it with your buddies & do subscribe to my blog for more interesting stuff  like this by using your email id below.

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