Getting up early VS. Sleeping late night

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When is the best time to work ?

I want to discuss with you about how can we utilize our time efficiently.
As the title of the post suggests getting up early or late from the bed had huge impact on our ability to utilize the treasure which you have in your hand (Past is a cancelled check, future is a promissory note, present is the only cash/treasure in the Hand – Anonymous).
It is very beneficial to get up early in the morning because we can plan our whole day (it is said that, “1 hr of planning saves 3 hrs of execution”) and we can avoid all sort of anxiety/hurry/tension, we can stay calm & composed for a longer period & in the brighter period of the Day. By this way we can make more profit by trading with our treasure.


Let us see how true is the above statement true scientifically..? During the latter part of the Day i.e, night we will be pretty exhausted as we have finished our whole days work so


1. Our battery is almost out of charge

2. Our creativity is very less – Due to which we cannot work smart means we will work hard that is not profitable.


Sleeping late night

3. After a heavy Dinner it is very hard to concentrate as our stomach draws major part of blood n oxygen and brain cannot work at its best.

4. Sleeping in the night (10pm – 6am) also helps in building your glamour and health (Health is Wealth) also which we are most concerned about.. isn’t it?

Getting up early
Getting up early

5. By following this method we can enjoy the sunrise in the morning and the beautiful sky with diamonds embedded here and there and big jewel Moon shining for us taking all our worries, heavyness of our busy life & replacing them with pleasant feeling (Really if you can find some time enjoying the moon from your balcony or terrace you can’t express how beautiful the feeling would which words can’t capture and the same is with the sunrise time when nascent oxygen is produced by all the trees and sets a perfect time for u meditate or enjoy silence as told by Vijay Eswaran in his Sphere of Silence…… experience those and share your experience with me I would very happy to hear them )

So I have told you the benefits of getting up early but what how can we do that. ? Though I wrote about benefits of getting up early even I am not a pro @ getting up early, let’s take help of Robin Sharma ji…..


I guess sharma ji’s message might have helped you and added some more points in support to this post. I am happy that I have shared some treasure I am enjoying now with you guys and 1 more thing getting up early gets more life into our lives and gets an extra hour that can give us an edge to be winner/what we dream to be, I have experienced this and got addicted and the days which I don’t follow this would become bit difficult due to addiction as this is worse than tobacco.

Time to say bye

Have an uninterrupted Sleep of 6-8 hrs every night (not day) which helps your eyes to repair themselves and have rest. This would be most important for bloggers, internet based business people who spend most of their time in front of computers…

I hope you liked the post and information, spread the post if you find it worth sharing and share your experiences following “Early to bed & Early to Rise” ….. & last but not the least subscribe to the site with your email to receive updates about the post.


Bye… Take care….

I am Surya Konduru, began blogging to share what I meant was useful with the world as I do it with my friends. It’s been a year since I am blogging and it is really awesome to blog. By the way, I blog @,

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2 thoughts on “Getting up early VS. Sleeping late night

  • Great post bro!!! Keep up the good work you are doing i.e you are sharing something good as well as you are learning. Coming to the point of waking up early even i am trying it from many days but its a big task for me.

    • Great bro. . You have started trying and that’s really awesome because it is the first step to your success and one more thing – Everything is Hard before it’s easy says Brian Tracy. So, as you keep on trying things get easy – Never Quit.
      All the very best


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