Go to bed as a Winner

Go to bed as a Winner

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Every night when we get to sleep, we tend to immerse in a rebuilding of ourselves physically and mentally through our thoughts, our dreams, our fears (if we have any) etc. which we take to bed as well. So, why not go to bed as a Winner?

Every day is our life in a miniature says, Brain Tracy. If we have to start a whole new life with a lot of enthusiasm tomorrow then should we not have a million dollar sleep tonight?

Million Dollar Sleep

Sleep is the best meditation – Dalai Lama

The above phrase is coined by Mr. Narayana Murthry (Founder of Infosys), Isn’t the above statement is veryMillion Dollar sleep true. Really, our sleep is worth million dollars to us because the pleasure & happiness which one gains through a good night sleep is more worth than a million dollars for most people.

Even if we have million dollars and are unable to have a sound sleep then can we enjoy that riches happily? But, if we always have a million dollar sleep then irrespective of our riches we shall be happy.

I believe Million dollar sleep is guaranteed if we Go to bed as a Winner.

A well Spent day bring happy sleep. Leonardo Da Vinci

Go to bed as a winner

if you want to be a winner hang around with winners. – Anonymous

While reading Norman Vincent Peale’s The Power of Plus Factor, I came across the going to bed as winner theory.

There was a sports coach (don’t remember which game) but he always insisted his team members to be joyful, proud, happy like a winner of the world championship when they disperse to their beds every night.

It was stated by Mr. Peale that the coach was forcing the Winner behavior into subconscious minds of their team members indirectly by asking them to think like a winner due to which the team members reside in the bed whole night as Winners. Their subconscious mind

Their subconscious mind (The mind which is very powerful) will be habituated to believe that it is a winner and the team members will behave accordingly like real-life winners looking for Possibility of Winning instead of avoiding failures.

Subconscious mind – Winning

Winner of World Cup
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Our subconscious mind is the mind of our past and it has a silent record of all our past experiences. And, whenever a topic is being focused the related past memories, experiences pop out from it to help us with them.

Whenever you think about winning at something, our subconscious mind tend to look for past experiences of Winning so that we can win with that prior knowledge. So, that is the reason people recommend us to read books and watch movies of winning so that our subconscious understands what to do and how to replicate the behavior to WIN.

So, your Goal and the experiences of other Winners is very important to reach your goal.

In order to make our mind understand how we can be a winner? we have to help it to think like winner, this can be done by reading about winners of various fields, various circumstances, various regions and their lives keenly about the challenges they faced, mistakes they have done (which we shouldn’t repeat), by doing which we would induce a lot of techniques into our mind which can be used to WIN. And, every night is one of the best time to prepare and induce the Winning thoughts into your mind so that you can execute them next day morning only.

Go to bed as a winner to be a real life winner

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