God and Gumption – to balance your effort, god’s grace

God and Gumption – to balance your effort, god’s grace

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Most of the times, it is pretty confusing whether we need to trust in god or ourselves for doing something and I have been always taught to believe that through God only we do everything we do. When we succeed it is always easy for us take credit that we have succeeded only because of our hard work alone though we sometimes admit that through God’s grace only we were able to succeed and when we fail at something then if we can simply put the whole blame on god / fate / stars then we can rest saying that – God has not supported me – So, I was unable to do it.

I was sometimes puzzled whether I have to take the whole responsibility of my success or failure myself or give it to god but I never saw god throwing some extra effort to work when I succeed then why should I give the credit to him & he never was a reason for my failure but it was me I have not done well. So, why should I blame him for my failure? You can see how my questions have found out one beautiful answer for me.

God and Gumption

He is an atheist who does not believe in God says the old religion, but the new religion says the person who does not believe in himself is an atheist.

– Swami Vivekananda

I was reading The power of plus factor – Topic: Enthusiasm, the started describing the story of a small kid – The story for you in my words as I have understood it

the small kid comes to his mother who is cooking food in the kitchen and says, mother why do I get sometimes a feeling like I am under performing currently and I feel like I am capable of doing more and much greater things. His mom silently stops stirring the food, reducing the stove flame turning towards him says that, ” son, that means that God is preparing you for doing great things”.

The kid asks in anxiety,” how can I become great or do great things as we are not very rich”. Hearing that statement from his son, the mother says – ” You don’t have to be rich to do great things, all you need is to apply the principle of God and Gumption “. With a puzzled look the kid asked – ” what do God and Gumption principle is and mean ? “. The mother said – ” Let me tell you what is Gumption first – It is an old-fashioned word common sense and the guts to go out and do something with yourself with enthusiasm and character. Gumption was the stuff of which great, persistent, enthusiastic people were made.

God and Gumption principle states that – You need to believe both in God and yourself for accomplishing anything worthwhile, if you believe in only one of them then it would make your efforts incomplete

God loves everyone though everyone love him or not. – Anonymous

Because God is like Nature, he will never take sides and does not show partiality – He has given each and every individual 24 hours of time and not more for some people & not less for some people. So, this is the first part of the principle GOD. Gumption is your own enthusiasm you put into the work for completing it using the resources that are equally available for everyone.

Nothing great has ever been achieved without enthusiasm. – Anonymous


This can be wonderfully understood by two farmers and their farm metaphor

Two farmers lived in a village, both believed in god and had equal amount of land, capacity (physical & mental) etc. they were equal in everything but different in terms of God and Gumption principle. One farmer believed more in god than in gumption and the other believed equally in God and Gumption.

Their farms were next to each other and both started farming and at the end of year the farmer with equal amount of God and Gumption made more profits than the other because though you pray more or less God grace will be constant / same and not partial, the person or farmer who gets out to work every morning is more likely to earn profits because Sun (who is none other than god to human being) is out always in the morning showering his light and the farmer who keeps his farm ready to make use of his light makes more profit. I am repeating the above words again as they are very important.

Sun & Time always shines the natural way without any partiality – the farmer or person who has done necessary plantation & preparation gets more from them and the one who hasn’t done will not get enough, as simple logic as that.

And during tough times when it heavily rains or severe drought has occurred then a farmer who takes necessary care to drain the excess water and tries to pump water up through motor or manually will be more likely to succeed than the one who just simply prays god for help.

  • God is like Sun if you make your land ready you will reap Fruits.
  • God is like Time if you make your mind ready you will reap rewards.
  • God is like your Thinking if you keep it positive you will reap positive results else if you keep it negative then you will reap negative results.

Always remember, Nature and God never take sides.

– Brian Tracy

Your life is in your hands

There is a very good conversation which is closely related to God and Gumption principle, this is from a movie Basha Rajinikanth us the Hero and he is an auto driver (Tricycle Taxi) in the movie, heroine gets into his auto and in the middle of their talk she notices a quote on the front glass of the auto saying Your life is on your own hands. Seeing that poster she asks hero Don’t you believe in God? He says, no. no.. no, I believe only in God then why is that quote against god? Then he politely replies for that saying – God will take care of only those who take care of themselves first, that’s why. Let this be our mantra

 we shall give our 100 % during work and then leave the result 100 % to god. – Karma Yoga

Believe that your life is in your hands and you alone can make it a wonderful paradise or horrible desert

Be God Loving and not God-fearing

If GOD is by me Then who can BE Against me, God and Gumption

As I have mentioned before also God loves you no matter you love him or not. Now a days, people have become so fearful about god that they are fearing god instead of loving him. They are looking at God like a High School Headmaster as if he will punish them with a stick in his hand, but it isn’t the way we should consider it. Norman Vincent Peale in his book The Power of Positive thinking states two wonderful phrases,

  1. If God is by me Then who can be Against me.
  2. I can do everything through God who strengtheneth me.

Remembering the above two phrases we can easily get rid of the fear we possess for God and change it into the purest of relations Love with god and enjoy the gift he has given us called Life.

Thanks for reading. Share your views about the God and Gumption and about the post with me through comments – I would be very happy to hear them. Do Share the post with your buddies if you like it.

Bye …. Take care. ..

I am Surya Konduru, began blogging to share what I meant was useful with the world as I do it with my friends. It’s been a year since I am blogging and it is really awesome to blog. By the way, I blog @ learningispassion.com, bloggingispassion.com

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