Happy Diwali – A festival which teaches how to play with fire, celebrating darkness

Happy Diwali – A festival which teaches how to play with fire, celebrating darkness

Hi Learner,

Wish you a very Happy Diwali, this is one of the most widely celebrated festivals in our place. I wanted to share some of the interesting aspects of the festival with you on this auspicious eve.

We have a lot of festivals in our place & they are of different varieties, to celebrate the glory of the various aspects. Diwali is a special & very fortunate compared to others.

Happy Diwali

A festival that celebrates Darkness by winning over it with light.

Unlike other festivals of our place, Diwali is celebrated with Lakshmi (The Goddess of Riches & Fortune) Pooja, Happy Diwalideepam’s and with crackers.

Lakshmi Pooja

Most of the time we are occupied with our work life, which are related to our profession, say (10 X 5) 10 hours a day & 5 days a week. The most energetic & integral part of our life is spent in working for and earning riches, so the goddess who is responsible for riches is worshipped during this Festival.

As the driving force of modern time – money which will be worshipped in the form Goddess Lakshmi on Diwali, the significance of the festival increased in an outstanding way.

An antidote to arrogance

By believing that Goddess Lakshmi is responsible for our Riches, we tend to be more down to earth irrespective of our wins & riches which bring even more opportunities, relationship victories, happiness & indeed more riches to us. Else, the riches accumulated would give rise to unnecessary arrogance & lead to the downfall of our current riches & victory.

Diwali or Deepa+avali

On the eve of Diwali, which is a new moon day (the darkest of all nights) & as the season is winter the darkness is at its maximum in the night. All the houses are decorated with deepa(s) (natural lights burnt with oil) in the form of a line that form a sequence of lights which is termed as avali (sequence).

So, this way Diwali is also called Deepavali – A never ending series of lights resembling the victory over DarknessCelebrate darkness playing with Fire

Celebrating the Darkness

One point that has to be noted here is that though Diwali provokes everyone to light deepam’s in front of everyone’s house in a sequence the darkness of night can’t be overcome. But, the light of these deepam’s helps lighten this darkest night no more dark, it seems like the brightest night in the whole year.

A lesson to be learnt is our efforts might not overcome darkness, but they can lighten our house & surroundings that are more than enough for us to celebrate. The same applies to any task where it seems that we have to accomplish a lot of tasks (like the darkest night), but it is not at all needed. If we just do what we can do then, that’s enough to start a Diwali Celebration in our home.

Playing with Fire

Everyone is afraid of fire, but fire plays a significant role in our lives without it almost our lives are no more comfortable
. The delicious food that we enjoy are a result of the fire, the vehicles which we use to reach our destination is with the help of fire.

Diwali also teaches how to play with fire using crackers, the crackers glow with different forms of colour & result into a visual treat for us to watch. Similarly, problems in our life are also like fire, if we figure out a way to play with them patiently then they burn like beautiful crackers offering us a visual treat.

As there are many variety of crackers, we will come through a variety of problems. From now on whenever a problem comes our way, treat it like a fire or cracker. There will be some or the other way to blow it & enjoy its blowing, search for that solution and just blow it. That’s it your problem is blown & enjoy a colourful Happy Diwali your whole life with this Diwali technique…

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