How small information has saved my hard earned money

How small information has saved my hard earned money

Hi Learner,

This post is a small instance where doing a small brain exercise before spending my money helped me in saving a good amount of money while satisfying my need at the very same time.

Information is power

Information has the power to transform your life.

I have recently purchased an Amazon FIRE tablet and it is working cool even compared to my laptop so I thought of replacing my tablet Exercise your brain - Information saved moneywith my laptop for most work. And, I got an idea every time I have an idea to jot down for my next blog topic and begin writing content, windows took decent amount of time to load the machine and I used to lose the fun of writing until the PC gets settled down.

So, I thought of finding out a way to solve this problem by typing through keyboard directly into my new tablet. After some good online search I found that a 40-50$ priced Logitech bluetooth keyboard very much suitable for my need, I decided to buy the product without any delay.

I was surprised… Information saved my money

After I decided to buy to the keyboard, somehow I thought I will do a small research whether the wireless Logitech keyboard and mouse would be satisfying my needs or not. I began searching in the net on how to connect a keyboard to android tablet or phone and luckily through OTG cable it is possible to connect the keyboard to your android device. The OTG cable costing less than 1 $ is bought and it solved my problem.

So, Information is not only power but it is money $$$ which saved more than 40 $ for me.

Forgot, to tell you there are many more cool features of what you can do with an OTG cable.

Exercise your brain before your Expense

My intention through this post is to tell you a simple fact about how a human being purchases something when he needs it. I needed some way to type in through my keyboard into my tablet and luckily before I wasted my hard earned money I found out a simple way.

This was only possible because I have searched for a while accidentally to solve my problem with the resources I already have. And, I found the solution with the resources which I already have through a small purchase (OTG cable) which costs far less than the actual product which I was about to buy.

So, the lesson here is before you decide to buy something do some research about

  1. Is it possible to solve the problem with the resources I already have.
  2. Is it really required to buy the product which I am about to buy.

By doing the above exercise you not only save your money, but you also improve your brain power as you are intentionally exercising it to satisfy your need in a more effective way. There are some benefits by this exercise

  1. Your brain gets sharper
  2. Your decision-making ability improves
  3. You save your money

And, remember money saved is money earned.

Thanks for reading, hope you liked the post. Do share it with your buddies if you really found it useful.

I am Surya Konduru, began blogging to share what I meant was useful with the world as I do it with my friends. It’s been a year since I am blogging and it is really awesome to blog. By the way, I blog @,

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