How to install windows 10 manually, A DIY guide

How to install windows 10 manually, A DIY guide

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Hope you have heard that Microsoft is providing its new product windows 10 for free to all the existing windows 7, 8, 8.1 licensed users and I have also been one of the above user and was eagerly waiting for the new OS but due to a very high demand I didn’t get an Windows 10 logoupdate from Microsoft team about my windows 10 upgrade even after more than 2 weeks post my request for a free upgrade. But, there is one more option which Microsoft is providing using which if we have some idea about OS installation then we can very easily install / upgrade our PC to windows 10 ourselves.

I thought of writing a post to help others who might also waiting eagerly for their windows 10 upgrade who can themselves upgrade their PC to 10 in just 3 – 4 hr (provided you have a fast Wi-Fi connection).

How to install windows 10 manually

If you / your PC is eligible for windows 10 free upgrade then by now you would have received windows 10 notification in your notification bar (Right bottom of your windows home screen). If you haven’t received any update from Microsoft / Windows team regarding your update then don’t get disappointed you can do it yourself by following simple steps – Click on the below link.

Install Windows 10 in PC using Media Creation Tool

It comprises of just 3 simple steps & just 3-4 hours

1. Install the tool

  • Before your install the tool, you need to download it from the Windows 10 software page Click here

Note: This installation was done from a Windows 8.1 to Windows 10

  • I recommend you to strongly go through the System requirements before you proceed with the installation. You can find your system specifications by navigating to the properties of your system (by a right-click on your My Computer icon–> Properties)Navigation to the System Specifications
  • Compare your System specifications with the system requirements of windows 10 and if they are matching you can download the 32 – bit or 64-bit tool.
system specifications Windows 10

2. Run the tool

After you download the tool, just a click on it would run it (similar to any installation exe file – by the way you would need Admin rights for performing this action), The installation process begins after this point and you would be prompted to choose the options as listed below

  • Choose options
    • You wish to upgrade the current PC
    • You wish to download the contents into an installation media (USB, DVD)
Upgrade the PC

Upgrade the Pc Now

  • Choose what you want to keep
    • All your personal files & apps – Select this option which will retain all your settings
    • Your Personal files or Apps
    • Nothing

3. Sit back and Relax

  • If you chosen the option to upgrade your PC now then after the chosen file downloads are completed, the below screen appears. You don’t have to do anything for this to happen, all the actions would be automatically triggered by themselves as suggested in the instructions you just have to Sit back & Relax until everything is completed.
Windows 10 installation Final Step
  • You would be required to give some generic information / details once the above status is completed to 100%.
  • After giving the details, Windows 10 would take some time to update your Apps & Personal files to be compatible with the current OS.
  • After that is completed, it takes some time to get the system ready.
  • That’s it your PC is ready with Windows 10.Windows 10
Windows 10 with new Start Menu
 To create installation media for other PCCreate installation for other PC
  • If you choose to install the windows 10 download to other PC and wish to copy it to any media (DVD/ Flash Drive) then you need to choose the second option of the two options listed.
  • Once you have selected the second option & click Next you navigate to the below screen. Select the options appropriately based on your requirement and then click Next
Installation to media
  • Choose through which Media you wish to Proceed the copy and then click NextMedia to be used
  • You would receive a success once the copy is done then click Finish


Exploring Windows 10

After the installation is complete, you can find an option in the Start Menu called Get Started, get started Icon if you click on that then you can find all the information which you want to know / information to explore Windows 10.

Get Started with Windows 10


Enjoy your Windows 10.

Thanks for reading. Share your views about the How to install Windows 10 manually guide with me through comments, I would be very happy to hear & if needed help you. If the post has helped you then please share it your friends which might be helpful to them also. Follow the blog through email or socially to stay updated.

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