STRESS. How to make it our friend ? instead of being it’s victim ?

STRESS. How to make it our friend ? instead of being it’s victim ?

Hi Learners,

Today I want to share with you some insights I have drawn out about a most boiling topic – Stress.

What is Stress?

Regular Definition

Stress is a form of mental pressure caused by severe tension, work pressure, disappointment, problems..on.. on. on.. etc. Yes it is true that stress is a mental pressure and is caused by all the above mentioned reasons but why actually we get stressed?

Why actually we get stressed?

Because………….How to make Stress best friend ?

we don’t know how to handle the situation in front of us ? (or)

though we know how to handle it but haven’t done it anytime before ? (or)

is it due to the fear of “What others will think or react”? (or) anything else. What ever reason of the above it is on the final note we are getting stressed but what is stress exactly doing to us ?

Think a while on this if stress causes bad to us or harms us then why was our body designed in such a way that is bound to get stressed ….

What is stress exactly doing to us ?

What is exactly happening during STRESS ?

First we will talk about what is happening to us or our body during stress

  1. Our heart beats a bigger rate & we tend to sense increase in breathe rate
  2. Our throat gets dried
  3. Our mind gets flooded with ideas (what to do ? which to do ? this to do ! that to do !.. etc)
  4. We began to shiver and our legs start to Cramp.
  5. Worrying too much also adds up to Stress.

Let me give you an example of when this happens exactly :

  • When you are about to give an important presentation in front of a good amount of people
  • When you are about to attend an examination which decides the fate of your life.
  • When you are about to face an interview for a job (though for the first time or for the other time job interviews are always stressing)
  • ..etc

What is STRESS doing?

You know Stress is actually helping us to handle the situation which we feel as very important effectively. How ?

  1. Our heart is beating up quickly meaning it is pumping more and more amount of blood to each & every part of the body How to make stress our friend ?effectively so that we can perform our activity easily, comfortably & effectively similarly increase in breathe rate is only to draw more oxygen than regular.
  2. How to make stress our friend ?Our throat gets dried up indicating we are bit dehydrated and our body needs more H2O(water) to sustain the situation. Consider a CEO giving a demo of his/her product on its launch & you might of noticed him sipping water at regular intervals that is just to avoid getting dehydrated (You can notice this in Steve jobs’ demos also during his product launches). So it is an expected behavior in some important situations to need more oxygen through so that we will be hydrated to perform at our best.
  3. Your mind will be flooding with ideas…Yes of course you are facing one of the important situation in your life will you not be thinking of some way to figure out to get out of the situation with a bag filled with success.
  4. Our body starts shivering & legs cramp due to the importance of situation because there would always be a fear of failure though an individual has the courage to fail.

Seeing the above discussion we can come to a conclusion that Stress actually helping our body to handle to situation, signalling us through our body saying it wants some water, some oxygen etc by which it is preparing us to handle the situation.

What I want to actually say is ?

Knowing that stress is helping us we can actually handle it for us and against us then why not we use it for us and get the most of it to reach the goal we want to. And, now if you think you are getting stressed then it is really a good sign that you are growing in your life & moving forward towards your dream.

Instead of worrying that you are being given huge work/responsibility @ work place, be Happy that they are helping you unknowingly to unleash the hidden capacities inside you to reach new heights in life.

Out of the insights which I shared with you now were inspired by one other Learner & Inspirer whose video you can find below..

Watch the video to get more information regarding Stress.. and don’t forget to share you success STRESS story with me & other learners through comments

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BYE ….take care… I wish you a lot of …lot of…. stress but use it in a positive way (DON’T miss video)

I am Surya Konduru, began blogging to share what I meant was useful with the world as I do it with my friends. It’s been a year since I am blogging and it is really awesome to blog. By the way, I blog @,

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