Ideal….Why should we have an Ideal or Role Model ?

Ideal….Why should we have an Ideal or Role Model ?

Hi Learners,

I have some question for you.  Do you have an Ideal?
If yes. ..
Who is he/she?  Why do you like him or worship him so much?
If you do not have any… Let me ask you another question.
Whom do you like the most Other than you? Why  ? (Or) Did you imitate any ones behavior ?
If you answer yes for any above then it’s clear that you to have one.

If for all the above questions your answer is No, then I guess you like yourselves the most which is very important to accomplish anything worth while in life but if you go through this post you will gain more insight on why should you have an ideal?

Who is an Ideal?

Let us go a bit Deeper into this term Ideal (Role Model)
We always notice that our liking changes from one person to another so does that mean our Ideals do not change but they increase in number, How?
Let me give you my example – My ideals are my Mom & Dad (especially) I always tend to draw inspiration through their life and attitude when I am struck with any problem in real life but I take reference of Steve Jobs when the problem is professional, innovation..etc and when I am frightened I remember Swami Vivekananda… So, did my Ideals change permanently NO they changed based on situation and type of problem I am facing at that particular moment. At this moment if any one of the above comes in front of me then there is not doubt that I will show my due respect which I have for them though I am in different situation where they can/cannot help me.

Why should we have an Ideal?

Why should you have an ideal?
Credit : Pixabay

 If a man with Ideal makes 1000 mistakes then I am sure that a man without an ideal makes 50000Swami Vivekanada

In order to minimize the number of mistakes we make in the process of reaching our destination we have to have ideal in the desired area to reach the mastery which they have achieved. If you want to be an excellent cricketer then making Sachin Tendulkar as your Role Model would help you to deliver the best of you as he has delivered his best.

An ideal serves us as a Guide post to handle situations in our life through some principle or value which they have always believed in & which helped them always to take major decisions in life. I can share with you a law by Mr. Jobs – ” I look into the mirror everyday of my life & question myself – If today was the last day of my life,woudl I want to do what I am about to do today?” he said that by following this principle everyday he was reminding himself everyday that one day he has to die for sure then why should he miss an opportunity

Why should we have an ideal?
Credit : Steve Jobs

fearing failure if even failure is not permanent.

Just having Ideal Helps ?

NO. I don’t agree because as I mentioned before remembering Sachin only when we play cricket makes you like him? Not at all but if you keep on remembering him, watching him, talking about him, practice in the way he has practiced can definitely yield the desired result. Yes or No?
So,  having an ideal is just the first step in the journey of becoming like Ideal while there is a lot of other effort also needed.

How can we use Ideal to achieve our dreams ?

Let us take an example of Steve Jobs who is one greatest innovators & Business man ever produced by the world.  If you want to become like him we have go in detail about his life – His biography can be a wonderful help in this attempt & before you attempt to start reading his biography (which is very big in size & seems difficult to complete in a life time) you can start with his videos, presentations,  seminars freely available in you tube, I have seen a lot of videos on Jobs giving demo about first Ipod, Iphone when anything of such kind does not exist in the world.  You can see the launch of first Ipod in the below video….. Watch this video as this is the first innovation with a new product in the digital world after he has returned to apple, I personally feel that how hard it is if any of our friend rejects us but if getting rejected by the company which was started by him, surviving that blow & then returning back with even more enthusiasm is not normal (I don’t want to make him a super human) but he has some qualities like GRIT, patience, creativity which even has developed through lot of interest, love & hard work which if we use at least can get us out of our failures which don’t account to much compared to him

Let me give you an example for above when Google was in its beginning the founders were looking for an investor so that they can give a good amount of Company’s share in return but luckily they didn’t get one which in turn made the founders a fortune,  if you have read this story even if you are in a process of starting one more historical organization like Google & you also are looking for an investor to help you but you didn’t get one then you might not get discouraged & stop but proceed further to find some other alternative.

The ultimate aim of anyone is to be a master in doing his/her work. Hence, for becoming a master if we have a master then it would become easy for us to become one.

Why should we have an ideal?
Credit : Steve Jobs


As jobs is promising full refund, I think I might have refunded you the time you have invested  in reading this post with some useful information.

Let us have an Ideal in our chosen field, think of them, learn from their mistakes, dream of  becoming a Rock star as they dreamed of becoming and become one. ..

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