Correct a mistake when it is smaller in size

Correct a mistake when it is smaller in size

Hi Learner,

Everyone of us makes mistakes, but the good thing about making mistakes they teach us what not to do very well. But, they also carry a threat along with that gift and that is if we ignore the mistake when it is small and keep continuing without learning anything from it or making any necessary correction then it would get even worse.

The best time to correct a mistake is when it is smaller in size.

My Mistake Story

Recently, I visited my cousin’s farm and while playing there with kids I somehow got myself hurt by causing my leg to sprain. Due to my overconfidence on my physique 😉 or negligence, I still continued to play or do some basic work at the picnic like climbing trees, serving food etc. due to which the sprain has worsened. And, I assumed giving it a complete rest for a day or two would get it cured, but because of pressure on the sprained area, I had to take good rest for almost one full week.

This way, I learned a lesson which I would like to share with you and that is, if I would have taken a good rest during the beginning or when the sprain was small then it would have got cured in a day or two easily without any great pain.

You know I didn’t care even when my cousins were asking me to take rest because of sprain at picnic spot, I was telling them that nothing will happen (as if I am used to regular sprains) and continued playing and working which has cost me good amount of pain, no exercise possibility (as I got hurt at leg), missed fun of visiting more places when I visit my hometown as I hurt myself on the 2nd day of visit.

Deal with big while it is still small – Lao Tzu.

This applies to any mistake

Mistakes grow in size exponentially when they are neglected. 🙁correct a mistake

So, if we carefully introspect on this we can identify one thing and that is this act of ignoring the mistake committed in the beginning or when the mistake is small applies to any mistake we do and if we don’t take care of them when they are small then they tend to eat away more time and energy and cause more pain to us then are anticipated to if they would have been corrected when they are small.

For example, some mistakes we do while developing some bad habits and instead of curing them when they are small we tend to feel bad when they become part of our life and big, difficult enough to correct them now.


Never Leave a mistake without learning the lesson it brought with it.

As we have identified a problem, the best way to get the benefit is by identifying the antidote or solution to this problem. And, the best solution to this problem is to Don’t neglect any problem or mistake and if identified THEN correct it when it is SMALL in SIZE which is or has the potential of causing pain to you.

Remember, if you ignore then you should be prepared to pay the price or bear the pain.

Thanks for reading. Share your views about Correct a Mistake and the post content with me through comments, I would be very happy to hear.

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