Independence day tribute to the Freedom dreamers,  fighters,  getters, protectors

Independence day tribute to the Freedom dreamers, fighters, getters, protectors

Hi Learner,The Great Indian Flag

Wish you a very Happy Independence day. The Independence which we are enjoying today wasn’t so easy to get and the time
before Independence was not at all fruitful. The below short film depicts our people’s lives before Independence and the golden freedom which we are enjoying now.

Mahatma Gandhi

The Father of the Nation and a person who was crowned with the title Mahatma which means the greatest soul in the world. This word is very special and was used by ancient poets like Valmiki Maharshi & Veda Vyasa Maharshi to convey that the character is great and supreme in their scriptures Sri Ramayana & Sri Mahabharata. He is no ordinary man and it is not even easy to

Mahatma Gandhi
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understand him and his teachings as they are not very liked by the heroic souls as they don’t look heroic but indeed very .. very.. heroic.

Because, it is easy to beat someone but to get beaten, it is not at all an easy task as the first act shows we are powerful, but the second act shows our weakness. Violence depends only on the physical strength and power, but non-violence is supreme as it helps even physically weak person to win over a stronger one through the power of will, thought, silence and all the good attributes. Violence cannot be used to solve every problem, the scope of violence is very limited either to one or odd situations but whereas non-violence can be used to solve almost any problem in the world taking from industry, family, social, economic, national, international it has no boundaries.

I have nothing new to teach the world, Truth and Non voilence are as old as mountains. – Mahatma Gandhi

Ramana Maharshi, who is regarded as the person who has realised god has declared that a mahatma has gone away from the world commenting on the death of Mahatma Gandhi who has freed himself from the world saying Hey Ram after freeing millions of people from slavery and giving them freedom.

Bhagat Singh, Sukh Dev, Raj Guru

Raja Guru, Bhagat Singh, Sukh DevSacrificed their lives without even a drop of tear in eyes for their lives’ but who have dropped their blood for the country’s and the people’s freedom. They have enjoyed their journey even to the death bed even during their last day supporting that it was the gift or tribute they can give to the motherland either by living in a free India or to sacrifice life for the freedom.

The latter happened and the nation lost three diamonds whose worth was equal to a crore Kohinoor diamonds (a diamond which is told to be very expensive). The below song from the movie legend of Bhagat Singh depicts it beautifully.

Sardar Vallabhai PatelSardar Vallabhai Patel

A capable home minister effectively participated in the freedom movement and protected the freedom by uniting the divided India into one by his patriotism and love for the whole country and maintaining peace during the death of the Mahatma Gandhi.

He is still believed as the best minister ever served the country and way he maintained equanimity during his case argument when he received information about his wife’s death by not breaking the news and going to his wife but instead argued the case perfectly to win it in the favour his client and then told out the news. This alone demonstrates how capable he was and how he was able to successfully be the best first home minister the world’s largest democracy to make & keep the people of a big country very happy.

Subhash Chandra bose

Subhash Chandra BoseA lost hero, who is still an Icon for bravery, courage, fearlessness or any other adjective which describes a person driven by love without fear to fight back for the country’s freedom and rights and even be ever ready to sacrifice his life or take the opposite party’s life if needed. He Inspired each and every individual of the country should be like a soldier until the Independence which we are dreaming of is achieved.

The stories about him and his childhood can fill one’s heart with great patriotism and inspiration to face any difficulty seeing the way he has demonstrated his ability and courage to solve any problem in our way to reaching our goal.

Alluri Seetha Rama RajuAlluri Seetha Ramaraju

Born in the land of tribals, provoked the innocent tribals to fight back for the freedom and not to rest until it is achieved. Sacrificed
his life just for the sake of protecting one tribal couple and fell into the trap of British who have fired innumerable bullets into his body. He didn’t beg for pardon instead challenged that if one person like him dies then hundreds, thousands or millions would be born to see the end of the slavish rule and make the nation free.

Innumerable freedom fighters

There are Innumerable freedom fighters due to whom we are enjoying this valuable freedom. Else, we would have been treated literally like dogs as shown in the above movie by the way Manoj Bajpai and Raveena Tandon are treated. I have covered only very few names, it is not even possible to convey my regards to all the fighters as they are huge in number and the true way to remember them is the way they have led the country and its people during those difficult times forward can only help us to pay back their ideas and ideals as said and shown by Aamir khan in his season 1’s last episode of Satya meva jayate.

Our Indian Army & Police are protecting our Freedom

Indian ArmyOur Indian Army is protecting our freedom from various terrorists and their attacks even at the risk of their lives. This Independence day we wish to pay our tribute to them. It is very easy to spend time in our home with our families comfortably enjoying all the pleasures safely but just imagine how difficult it stays or live away from home for around 11 months in a year with limited access to communication marching towards the fearsome death to give safety to us.

Isn’t it not our duty to respect them and appreciate them. Let us salute them when we see any general, just do that once and see how proud he feels and indeed you feel and seeing you how many lacking the confidence to salute, salute them and make them feel proud as he is Indian Army Personnelstanding in front of the whole nation for every trouble before it is ready to pounce on the whole nation. Jai Jawan .. Jai Kisan was the chanting made by Lal Bahadur Sastry (Our former Prime Minister and Freedom Fighter) through which he was conveying his
tribute to the army, who are always shedding their blood, sweat, happiness (staying away from home) in the midst of terror at the border protecting our freedom.

Indian PoliceAnd, not to forget the policemen who are helping us to stay protected in our country from other monopoly minded people and helping us stay freedom irrespective of whether we are powerful or not. They are sweating day and night in our protection especially on a hot sunny noon and on a terrific rainy evening, we see traffic police controlling the traffic so that we can reach our houses safely and quickly without any traffic jams. We shall from now Spend some time helping them, at least by following the rules which make their jobs easier.

If possible, helping them by some other means. I have heard or read this story – A small girl was running towards the traffic police (following the rules only) and when she reached the policeman. Due to her severe running she was breathing hard and was unable to speak properly for a minute or so. She has taken a moment to open the cover in her hand to share a cold fruity drink with the fellow police uncle on a hot summer noon. Imagine if you were in the position of the policeman how would you feel?

Will it not make him cool, calm & happy in that hot noon. Yes, of  course it makes him happy.Happiness is like a perfume bottle with sprayers on all sides which you cannot pass or spray onto others without some of it being sprinkled on yourself says a great soul. Be happy to be in an free nation where our freedom is protected by these army and police men.

Happy Independence Day – Enjoy the freedom

I guess it is our primary duty to give tribute to our Nation and the people who are cause for its freedom who dreamed of it, fought for it and got it after that some are protecting it for us.

Let us protect the freedom by living as the respectable Indian and enjoy the freedom as directed by our great leaders and bow down in their presence to show gratitude to the gift they have given to us sacrificing their lives. 

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