Law of Attraction – you can attract anything you want

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You might have heard about magnetic poles saying like poles repel and unlike poles attract which is theoretical but practically like attract likelaw-of-attraction-ask-believe-receive
It is in simple terms if you are asking your TV for BBC channel it will never give you CNN channel though both are of same category NEWS because their wavelength/frequency is different similarly universe is a big TV channel station and the remote is your thoughts and channel being played is your LIFE. How true it is? Does changing our thoughts changes our life ?

Association Effects

Let me share you a story told by Swami Vivekananda – Once there was a Lioness which has given birth to a cub in the process of hunting sheep and died after giving birth to the young one. The cub was born in the sheep herd between sheep, started to live & grow with sheep as a sheep instead of Lion. As it was always surrounded by sheep (weak thoughts) & always thinks like sheep (Weak/Worrying/Coward/Copying others & lack of originality & Confidence – which are natural traits of a sheep). One day a Lion has come to hunt the sheep and was shocked to see the lion infiltrated in the sheep herd & the Lion took it to the near by pond to reveal its original nature.lion-sheep
The lion-sheep was shocked as it was resembling the lion not sheep. Then the Lion made the lion-sheep to roar while it was only able to moan like sheep (mee meee..mee). So, it took the Lion-sheep to a place in between mountains where sound may resonate and the moment the Lion roars (Like that you might have seen Aslan roaring in the movie Chronicles of Narnia) and the Lion-sheep was able to roar like Lion again.

So association with sheep has turned Lion into a sheep & vice-versa is also true but only if we start associating with Lions (through thoughts atleast) can transform us into real lions.

Auto – Pilot Mode

Most of the times our thoughts are on auto-pilot mode, we don’t have any control on them and we tend to react based on whatever thought comes to our mind but if we stay focused on thing then our thoughts began to arise in the mind would be similar to that, Yes or no? think & check for yourself – now if your mind would be thinking about the above story. Imagine suddenly a Jenie (Alladin Jenie three wishes) pops up in front of you and asks you what is your wish? with a condition you have to answer him in 15 sec ? can you answer now ? If you are able to answer then you are focused already but if you are not then try to have a dream and work upon it but as in above example we have more than 15 sec so start now a focused journey towards your goals with a Law helping you. Lets see the below video about focusing on dreams inspite of difficulties….

If you have seen Jobs in the video, though he has failed, rejected as he mentioned that the only thing that has kept him going on was, he loved what he was doing – As it is known that pure LOVE for passion is the biggest of the positive attraction which we can ever exhibit and that has attracted everything towards Jobs he wanted and more than he ever wanted.

successAs said by Swami Vivekanada – It is our own mental attitude which makes the world what it is for us. Our thoughts make things beautiful & our thoughts make things Ugly. The whole world is in our minds. Learn to see things in proper light.

We look at the world the way we are but not the way the world actually is. There are several other factors which can help us in easily understanding Law of attraction which are beautifully illustrated in The Secret , I want you to go through the book it would really change the way you think from now on – The following are some of the best from the book :

1. Tell a true lie – Tell yourself a lie about you which you want to accomplish in the future though you are not that now or you dont have that now.
2. GRATITUDE – I like this word very much, it urges us to be happy with what you have right now. It is stated in the book that, “A person not happy with his present cannot be happy/successful in the future

You can even read the book – Power of the Plus Factor by Norman Vincent Peale where he too states the Law of Attraction in terms of Plus factor hidden in us.

I would conclude this post with my final words of Jobs, Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish – Be so hungry that the anything else less than your goal cannot satisfy it and so foolish in dreaming about your future that no fool of that magnitude has ever existed.

I Admire your patience for reading the whole stuff which indicates that have you started using Law, share the post to your fellow friends to give them a taste of the Law of Attraction.

Bye, Take care….

I am Surya Konduru, began blogging to share what I meant was useful with the world as I do it with my friends. It’s been a year since I am blogging and it is really awesome to blog. By the way, I blog @,

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2 thoughts on “Law of Attraction – you can attract anything you want

  • The post is good but do you really think that Law of Attraction would work always and did it work for you.? Though JOB’S stories suggest thinking and his attitude made all difference….. but it is difficult to hang on their inspite of set backs

    • Yes Sahaj, I have experienced Law of Attraction and if you take Job’s life as an example his failure has directed him towards bigger milestones in future though it was painful in the present. For Law of attraction to work for us we have to give our best possible and accept every challenge and failure in our journey as a gift and move on……


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