Lessons from Pursuit of Happiness or Happyness

Lessons from Pursuit of Happiness or Happyness

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Happiness is the primary objective of everyone and the reason behind doing to any act. This process of pursuing Chris Gardenerhappiness is described in the movie Pursuit of Happyness in the best possible way because it is not just a story dropped out from the mind of a human being, but it’s a real-life story of a person named Chris Gardener who started with nothing and then went on to become one of the most successful personality which the world has seen.

If you have watched the movie, then this post would be like a recap of that movie through my narration and if you haven’t watched the movie then I would encourage you to watch that movie after reading this post.

Pursuit of Happiness, it has to be pursued

Your happiness is your birth right, but you have to pursue it.

Chris Gardener watches a person getting out of a Red Ferrari with an excellent smile on his face while he is struggling to pay off his monthly bills and manage his family. He has a small talk with him about what he does? and how he does? But, one question which he asks himself changes his life – They all were so damn happy, why can’t I be happy like them?

Happiness is not free, I don’t know why? is the statement made in this movie and it is true, we have to run towards happiness as we don’t or can’t be happy by default. The human nature by default is easily susceptible to negative than to positive, so if have to be happy (which is a positive emotion) then you have to intentionally work for it. Else, you end  up in negative emotion.Red Ferrari Scene

Don’t get discouraged

When Chris starts his pursuit of happiness, he will start facing a lot of obstacles than he was facing before like he loses his home, his wife leaves him, he becomes homeless at one point of time etc. but his desire is too strong and he doesn’t have any other option than to pursue his goal.

He says to his son, Don’t ever listen to somebody telling you, you can’t do something. People can’t do something themselves, they tell you can’t do something. You got a dream, you gotta protect it.

He has all the reasons to commit suicide or quit, but he didn’t, life’s games are challenging and he took up the challenge though it was as discouraging as possible. Getting discouraged is easy, but believing and fighting back is tough and the one who doesn’t quit meets his success.

Have the courage to speak for yourself

 Irrespective of your condition

When Chris says, that he is going to become a stock broker. His wife will make fun of him, but he confronts her that he can do it. The same happens when he ends up in a very awkward attire at the interview panel, the panelists refuse to give him the internship at an age of 30’s, but he speaks about himself from the bottom of his heart.

Why is speaking about ourselves important? Because, unless you speak about yourself no one would be able to know you and give you a chance. So, whenever you are asked about yourself, never get back in fear, speak out boldly about yourself – your confidence would get you that opportunity. Even if you have only failures in your career, they can act as a badge of honor that you have the courage to try than to just sit idle. As Sundar Pichai says, in silicon valley failure is also worn as a badge of honor.

Anyone can speak about themselves, when they are in a great position and when things are going great, but we need to possess an extraordinary courage to speak on behalf of ourselves when nothing  is going our way and we are failing in each and every endeavor.

Don’t leave your responsibility

If you leave them your professional success then your personal life would be empty

Chris Gardener is compelled to leave his son when his wife Linda leaves him, but he commands that his son (Christopher) has to stay with him though he doesn’t have a job to feed him every day. Many professional giants of old generation have seen a huge professional success in their life but found themselves empty in their personal Enjoying Responsibilityrelations after huge achievement.

Their great professional achievement is no more a pleasure for them because they can’t share it with anyone else as they don’t have any family or friends to share it with. A true leader should be able to balance his life and work and the person who claims he can’t manage both of them can’t be a successful person or a leader though he is holding the position of a leader and successful person in the society.

Spread happiness

Though you are in a deep valley of sorrow you have to spread happiness with others, one day in the life of Chris Gardener, he is flat broke with no money in the hand and forcefully vacated by his house owner, he is homeless with a son and with absolutely no money in his hands. He travels to the nearby local railway station with his son.

Bathroom scen

His son is very small to understand how difficult situation was that, in spite of his difficult situation he doesn’t lose his temper on him instead he will try to make him happy. This scene was picturised in a heart touching way in the movie. And, it gives us a wonderful message as well, though you are in a very difficult situation never show your agony on your family members because they can’t report to anyone regarding your bad behavior.

Spread Happiness though you are in a deep valley of Sorrow, that is one of the important rather a great quality any human being can possess.

Celebrate your happiness

This is one of the most wonderful scenes which I always remember when I am happy, in this climax scene Mr. Chris Gardener is selected for the job after being an intern for six months. The moment he hears the news, tears begin to flow from his eyes, his happiness is boundless. It’s like the pursuit of happiness has become a reality and even the background score gives an awesome feel.

He keeps clapping on the road to celebrate his happiness. And, then he goes running to his son’s play school to share his happiness an awesome scene to watch.

What should be done once you are successful in pursuing your happiness, celebrate your happiness. We have become so robotic that we are enjoying life the least. Life is a celebration, try to make most of it.


Finally, Don’t Quit

Winners never Quit, Quitter’s never WIN. 

Chris Gardener had one of the very difficult lives which we have ever heard, but he didn’t quit and that is the one and only reason behind his success today.

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Thanks ­­for reading. Share the lessons which you learned from the movie Pursuit of Happiness with me through comments, we would be very happy to hear.

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