Lessons I have learnt from Once upon a Time in Mumbaai movie

Lessons I have learnt from Once upon a Time in Mumbaai movie

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This is one of a Hindi movie and is one of my favourite as it has filled me with a lot of motivation whenever I find it boring or difficult to move forward. IOnce upon a time in Mumbaai shall give you a brief intro about the movie (if you haven’t heard of it before), it is about a small kid who comes from another city to Mumbaai and how be becomes the king of the city . And, even the leader of poor who don’t get proper justice from the government.
The journey is portrayed in an awesome manner, I heard it is a real story but don’t know to what extent it was modified to make it a commercial hit. But, be it a fiction or a non-fiction, I liked the message(s) and the way it was presented in the movie. I saw them as a practical examples of the quotes of legendary people describing how they solved some of their challenges. The lessons I have learned & thought worthy of sharing from Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai (IMDB rating) movie are attitude, inspiration, persistence, the power of dreaming & believing etc.

An unquestionable faith in oneself

Without a strong faith, you cannot achieve anything worth while. – Norman Vincent Peale

The hero of the movie starts his life as a coolie or a daily labour who fills in the coal into the engine of a ship. He used get black and tired with the company of coal through which he used to earn 4 paise (4 cents), but he had big dreams for himself. Though he has taken a wrong or illegal path to grow big or higher in life, but it is not easy to become best in any field easily, my focus here is, to put forth the way in which he has become great and how it can be useful to us instead of focusing on illegally what he has Firebecome.
He possessed an unquestionable faith in himself and always stood by the word he has given and the one that he believed. He doesn’t know the definition of NO, can’t, impossible but he had faith in one belief – every problem can be solved which forced his mind to think and work in different, unique ways to solve the challenges
which people and his customers are facing and that has taken him far ahead of his competitors.
“The people who can survive are those who have the courage to challenge a challenge”.
He tried all the possible ways to solve his problem and at the same time he ensured that the solution that he is implementing isn’t directly affecting the lives of others in a negative

Love for oneself & others also

love can open all the impossible gates. – Swami Shitikantananda

I would like to narrate you a scene from the movie for explaining this example, the challenge was to smuggle a truck of gold from one city to another and as cops were aware of it they have ensure that enough security is available at all boundaries of the cityTrain saving scene, the owner of Gold didn’t know how to do that and he wishes to take the help of the Hero, what he does was to get the truck via railway track through the path of city where there isn’t any security & he removes the rail track for crossing it and immediately after the gold smuggeled to the owner he notices that one train was coming that way
that would undoubtedly destroy as the tracks were removed, the hero could have left that, but he didn’t he risks his own life to fix the rail track back to normal & ensure everything is normal except smuggling gold. By the way, most of the money he earns goes to charity.

Blessing – Belief in the power of goodness or helping others

Even during the time of working as labour in coal engine he used to happily donate money to the people who were in need of the money whatever is left over after fulfilling his basic needs. When they ask him why is he donating money when he had that little, he used answer saying when we do good to others good happens to us – He was selfish but it was good selfishness.

Givers get more not the takers.


If your dreams don’t scare you then they aren’t big enough.

Generally, people don’t dare to dream big or great things but they just dream of subtle things & not surprisingly they get those, and their journey ends then & there. But, when you aim for something impossible which even you know that you can’t achieve then starts an interesting game. The desire for your dream on you gives you & your brain all the ideas,Standing like an Iron Peg plans for you to accomplish your goals.

Persistent onto your dreams

The hero falls in love with a very popular film actor watching her movies. And, it is impossible for a smuggler to win her love in return but as we discussed before he doesn’t believe in something called impossible. By the twist of fate, one day he meets her by accident on her shooting sport and after having a small chat & giving a small but worthy gift in the end he invites her for having dinner at heroine’s favorite place (It’s a restaurant).
From that day he goes to her favourite location every day at dinner time and waits for her. Days pass, weeks pass then one day the heroine turns up to that place & even he couldn’t believe that and says the same to her. But, he feels very happy on seeing her & on asking for dinner, she says that she didn’t actually come to meet him instead she has come to meet a Film Director for discussing about an upcoming movie script. Well, she was impressed to see him, wait for so many days in a hope to have dinner with her. However, the next day she comes to meet him, and with some turn around of events he wins her love and they make become a wonderful couple.

Meet with heroineBut, the lesson I got from here is that one should have adamant belief. His belief that she would come for dinner even though she didn’t confirm was awesome and after waiting for almost 18 days she finally came, but I guess he would have waited even for more days also.

Similarly, sometimes we don’t tend to get what we want (goals) for the first time, second, third and we tend to lose interest, but we shouldn’t lose our patience. Persistent effort & trials doubling our enthusiasm each time though our enthusiasm is dying is required for achieve anything. This effort looked in a minor way similar to that of Edison’s 1000 failures to invent bulb story.


Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference. – Winston Churchill

Most of the times we are defined by our attitude & not our altitude, and if we are great at our attitude, then we can reach any altitude. Because at the end of the show you are determined how you stand up to your challenges that act as a catalyst to separate a leader from a follower & ordinary one from an extraordinary person.

About Friendship

In modern times, when we encounter a small misunderstanding between friends or partners we tend to quit the friendship or partnership with them. But, the movie has fantastic message for us in this regard – If we can achieve our objective being friends then why should we be enemies this way when small differences arise we can strongly go in way of convincing or adjusting so that friends can become more good friends instead of becoming enemies by which both the parties
become weak always.

About Work or Task assigned

When a person comes for work to our hero he gives one comment about that person saying This person will do something great on asking why? he says “for that person – Winning is greater than his life itself”.

This is one more important lesson I thought similar to the Do or Die philospgy of Mahatma Gandhi. He meant that It is better to work hard, fight for our goal & in that process one shouldn’t care about his death either & sacrifice your life for your dream through which a person mostly likely tends to achieve his/her dream.
This method is one of the best ways to turn your dream into a reality.

Decision Making

Mixing emotions with your decisions might not be fruitful always

When the hero’s friend reminds him that the position in which they are because of the smuggling business the hero proudly claims that what he is and in what position he is not because of the mere business but because of his decisions. Decision making is critical for achieving anything worthwhile or even some small task completion & when you truly plan, analyze and take a decision that decision tends to give you a lot of self-confidence in yourself and your self-esteem boosts a lot.
We are what we are because of our decisions & ourselves and just not because of what we own or how much we own.

Once upon a time in Mumbaai

I have focused on just one lead character in the movie whom I loved the most in the film though w. Hope you liked the post and the lessons that I have learnt & shared with you are or would be useful to you. If you haven’t watched the movie yet & you understand Hindi or not (you can find the film with subtitles) then do watch it.

Thanks ­­for reading. Share your views on what have you liked about the movie and the post content with me through comments, I would be happy to hear. If you have enjoyed reading this post, then share it with your buddies & do subscribe to my blog for more interesting stuff at the right top. Bye… Take care…

I am Surya Konduru, began blogging to share what I meant was useful with the world as I do it with my friends. It’s been a year since I am blogging and it is really awesome to blog. By the way, I blog @ learningispassion.com, bloggingispassion.com

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  • Really good, The man named “Sultan Mirza” was actually popularly known as Haji Mastan. Still here in south mumbai people respect him a lot. If you want to know more read the book Dongri to Dubai, It has his story in it.


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