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Innovation is very important in life & especially in profession, if we don’t innovate then indeed we are stagnating which can be very dangerous & can ruin our present glory added to that it will never help us in growing further & obstructs our growth in the desired areas.

It is generally believed that Innovation is confined to only CEO’s, Entrepreneurs, Leaders etc. but it is not true people who have reached the positions which I spoke above have reached those positions only by small innovations daily which resulted in superb innovation in the future & has lifted them in their life and career to untouched heights.

What is innovation ?

Microsoft is not about greed. It’s about innovation and fairness. – Bill Gates

Innovation sounds very complicated and difficult but it is very easy if we know what it is exactly, Robin Sharma has defined this very well in his book The Leader Who Had No Title

Making today better than yesterday in one or the other aspect is called as INNOVATION

We do a lot of things on daily basis and feel bored if there is no challenge and sometime feel tensed if we are asked to face a challenge, this kind of attitude is due to lack of clarity. How can a person be handed over higher responsibilities if he is not willing take the responsibility of the tasks assigned to him/her.

Most of the people do mistake here only they expect that they would take responsibility only if we they are handed over title, authority, higher responsibilities but what is the real secret is If you take responsibility for your actions & tasks assigned to you then only people will give you Title, authority, higher responsibilities. It is well said that , Life is not a restaurant where you can enjoy the food first and pay the bill later but it is like a cafeteria where you have to pay the bill first then alone you can enjoy the food.

This is where Innovation comes into picture, it is all about taking 100% responsibilities for your present actions and the tasks assigned to you at the same raising your bar high each time you reach your target for a bigger innovation. It is also about staying ever ready to face bigger challenges and not stopping or taking a step backward even after failures.

There is no innovation and creativity without failure. Period. – Brene Brown

How can we innovate ?

Innovation as I said seems like a huge task, NO it isn’t a hard or huge one but it is simple as per the Robin Sharma. If you can improve each and every daily task you do at the least by any small measure then you are innovating. Let’s take a small example.

If you are not having a habit of planning your daily activities and start your day with tension & anxiety of all the tasks you have to do – If you plan your day before beginning each day then that is an innovation. After a week If you plan your current day the previous day itself then that is another innovation. If you keep on improving the ways you plan then each time you are innovating yourself and your strategy in becoming better and better to innovate more and more each and every day.

Planning is just half of the work but execution is the important and even more difficult, you can keep track of whether you are able to do the tasks as you have planned or not. If NO then work on analyzing where are you going wrong in planning or execution ? If YES then raise your bar a little high, expect little bit more from you which then keeps you running harder though you are expected to reach the finish line by this way you will break your own record everyday.

Imagine if you do like this for a year, you will be winning over yourself 365 times, lets assume 300 times you have won over yourself then compared to the previous year your productivity is increased by 300% then will your salary / profit / personal life / professional life will not improve by this definitely they will improve – they will almost improve by 300% or more.

Innovation is about making this day better than yesterday and if you are successful in making it better than raise your bar little high to innovate more & get even better in all the desired areas.

If you don’t Innovate then you Stagnate

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower – Steve Jobs

Innovation vs Stagnation & innovate vs Stagnate

We should we very careful with innovation as you may stop at one point of innovation once you reach your comfort zone & then you stop innovating further due to which you are in a process to stagnate our progress as it is said that You can’t stay at same place for a long time – If you are not moving forward then you are moving backward.

Nothing fails like success – Anonymous

How wonderful the above quote is Success can cause a person to fail very easily the next time. Geoffrey Colvin states the same in his book – Talent Is Overrated: What Really Separates World-Class Performers from EverybodyElse The employees don’t improve their knowledge after they start working unless it is prescribed to do so by the company due to which they will be depleting their performance as experience increases ”

The ball is in your court now, you can choose either to Innovate or Stagnate, choose now and take a decision now and start on that if you choose to innovate else you can stay calm and continue your daily routine by which you are stagnating. I choose Innovation over Stagnation.

Lets begin our Innovation from today – why today ? from now itself. Do share your views on innovation & stagnation through comments. If you like this post then do share it with your buddies.

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I am Surya Konduru, began blogging to share what I meant was useful with the world as I do it with my friends. It’s been a year since I am blogging and it is really awesome to blog. By the way, I blog @ learningispassion.com, bloggingispassion.com

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