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I am against the belief that Life is a race, I heard this phrase first in the famous & wonderful Life is a Racecomedy entertainer 3 idiots (A Hindi movie) where the principal of the college says to the students during the orientation that life is a race & if you don’t run fast then you will be eaten up by your competitors while at the
end of the story the hero of the story makes the principal makes him realize what exactly life is.

Then, if I am against the concept that Life is a race then why have kept the same as the title for this post and what justification I am going to give by this post. Because, I am against the belief that life is a race when we compete with others, but life is a when we compete with ourselves & our life.

Life is a Race – The Story

It’s not that how many times you have won is important

but HOW many times you got up when you have fallen down. – Nelson Mandela

I have heard this story in a movie Bhageeratha (Telugu) which has helped me a lot to lift my soul up whenever I was feeling low and I would like to share the same with you also. The story is told to the Hero (Lead actor) by heroine (Lead actress) through a letter when hero was in utter discouragement & is about to quit is attempt to try due to the continuous disappointments that came his way (I have narrated the whole story as it is told in the  movie since it is in my native language).

In one stadium, a running race is going on and many people came to watch the race. Among the audience, one person asked the other who will win the race? For that question the other person told that who will run faster than others will win the race, then for that reply the first person asked again, if the person who runs faster wins the race then why should others participate in the race?

Are you not surprised at the second question? even I was pretty much surprised for that question.

The justification given in the movie was Life is also a race, the person who will not leave / quit the race until its completed is considered as the winner, fearing from failure who will quit the race is considered to the loser because he is a coward.

After reading the story, the Hero gets determined to try until he wins or until he dies. The great leader Mahatma Gandhi also says the same Do or Die. If you have dream or goal focus on doing it now matter how many times you fail but don’t quit as Gandhi says there are only two options when we have a work to be done either doing it continuously instead of repeated failures or dying unable to do again & again. I don’t want to die then there is only one other option left doing Let’s do it.

, the philosophy of this race can be used for Goal setting also which can help us in getting towards our goals quickly.

I walk slow but I will never walk back. – Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln’s life is a best example of life is a race because he has faced hell a lot of adversities in his life which he can easily justify quitting his race of becoming the President of United States. But, he didn’t quit it instead he ended up in becoming one of the best President’s of all the time who have served United States.

I have drawn a lot of determinism and optimism from the above story to go on with my life & goals whenever it was in turn very discouraging, Hope it helps you too.

Thanks for reading. Share your views about  Life is a RACE and the post content with me through comments, I would be very happy to hear. If you have enjoyed reading this post then share it with your buddies.

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