make the best of New year resolutions this way


Hi Learner,Make most of your New Year resolutions

Wish you a very Happy new Year (advanced),  you might be wondering that why am I wishing
you so early,  even if there are many days (more than 20 days) for 2016 to arrive.

There is a reason for that & that is to share a technique through which you can this new year a very memorable year in your life.

Most of the people set New year goals & resolutions which are indeed an excellent way to kickstart your new year, but this post is for folks who successfully set those while don’t find themselves lucky to watch those New year resolutions accomplished.

Why many fail to accomplish New year Resolutions?

It is not what goal is that matters,  but what a goal does. – Anonymous

As stated above many set New year resolutions, but accomplish them. According to me, goals tend to keep us focused, without goals we don’t have a direction in front of us to run towards. As a result, we tend to waste our energy running here & there without accomplishing anything & playing small.

But, with a goal our efforts are much more focused & goal achieving.

Read: Two types of people with, without goals for more on goals.

As, we spoke on the importance of goals, the best way to reach them is by reminding ourselves about that regularly.


Reminding is a powerful process of inducing an idea / belief into your mind.

Yup, you got me right, I have got this technique from Napoleon Hill in a more specific form,  but in a generic way the technique is to remind your mind.

This New Year resolutions victory is yoursWhy?  Because,  our mind has a tendency to run from least interesting tasks to most interesting ones. And, generally, our goals are least interesting (& boring also at times). Due to this, our mind plays a clever game to shift our focus onto most interesting & entertaining tasks than our goals.

But, to make it understand that our goal is most important though it isn’t interesting in the beginning (while the results are pretty interesting & entertaining), we have to repeat both our goals & results of our goals.

Let’s take a common example goal of Reducing 12kg weight in 12 months – If this is your goal then on reminding every day that your goal is to reduce weight initially you can’t stop your tongue, mind & even yourself – you tend to eat more, but as you repeat the goal every morning & night,  your mind starts defending you & your tongue though you want to eat more.
Once the mind’s focus gets fixed on Goal (which is a result of constant reminding and repeating of goal),  you are half way through, your goal is almost accomplished virtually.

Best way for reminding

Practice makes man perfect.

  1. Take a Pen & Paper, write down your goals
  2. Select each & every goal (prioritise goals based on their importance to you, prioritising us optional if your is aim is to accomplish all goals)
  3. After selecting each goal, Write down the steps you wish to take to make your goal reality
    You now have goals, methods to achieve them.
  4. That’s it you’re almost, for better results try to get the image of a person who has the achieved the goal you have achieved
    • For example,  to become fit, get the photographs of a fit actor whom you like the most & imagine you have become like them
  5. Repeat this everyday morning and evening & don’t forget to imagine how you feel after reaching your goal.
  6. Remember, one important thing is not to mind failures in your journey, they play a significant part in your success. You can’t avoid failures, so don’t worry about them.
  7. Continue the above exercise until you reach your goal.

The above steps are applicable to any goal for that matter, if you want to excel in a sport, then set a goal, list out the steps to be taken to reach it, follow your ideal football player, remind yourself about the goal and watch yourself reaching your goal. As simple as that.


Let this New year be a different one, which acts like a wish fulfilling tree, fulfilling all your goals.

Thanks ­­for reading. Share your views about how you were successful with your New Year resolutions and the post content with me through comments, I would be very happy to hear.

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Bye… Take care…

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