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Google Adsense is one of the best & most trustworthy ad monetization network in World wide Web for any website or blog.

Google Adsense

Getting Adsense approval is the first difficult step but after getting the Adsense approved for your blog it becomes easy for you to earn a good deal of money through it, if you are facing any issue in getting your Adsense approved.

Read for Proceeding with your AdSense account creation if don’t have it yet –

But the second difficult step starts after approval of the Adsense only and that is Managing your Adsense account and ads on your website with stuffs like creating ad units, placing them through out your website so that you can maximize the revenue through them or blog,  tracking your earnings on a daily basis, analysing the clicks, CPC, RPM etc

Ufff …. seems like a big list of responsibilities get added along with your Adsense account. Yup, there should be an increase in responsibilities but not through these labour works.

But with the help of some plugins and tools you can manage it very easily and effectively

Google Adsense plugin

This allows you to place ad blocks or ad units at various places like front page, post, other pages etc in your blog or website very easily just with a single click.

settings -> Adsense

Install the plugin by searching saying Google Adsense in the Plugins menu & it is developed by Google only.

Click here to download the Google AdSense plugin

After Installing the plugin, go to the Settings >> Adsense

Inside Google AdSense Plugin


  1. First Verify your site through the Webmaster tools, once it is done.
  2. Go to the Ad Manager  – In just 5 steps you can complete placing ad units in all the places of your website just by some set of clicks.


Google Ad unit placing

  1. Select the page where you want place the ad unitPlease take care while placing ad unit in your website because your ads should not disturb the user / reader interaction with your website or blog.
  2. Design & Preview  After completing the designing part, preview it once as a critic reader and check the quality of your ad units position and enhance the design until you feel it is perfect.
  3.  Click on the following button to place the ad unit –+
  4. After clicking on the above button you will shown the ad unit placed
    1. On clicking the Gear symbol you can change the settings of the Ad unit.
    2. Ad Format – 
      1. Automatic (Preferred) – As the ad unit adjusts its size based on the reader resolution else blank will displayed for the below types
      2. Horizontal Banner
      3. Vertical Banner
      4. Rectangle
    3. Ad type – 
      1. Text and Display ads (Preferred)
      2. Text ads only
      3. Displays ads only

Ad unit settings

5. Save and Exit to persist the changes you have done to your website with the ad units.

That is it, you have configured your Ad units into your website in the minimum time and at the same time effectively also without missing the important points like number of ad units that can be placed on a screen and other regulations which we might not be aware will also be taken care by the plug in only and you will be warned always when you are going against any rules or regulations of AdSense and save ourselves from getting banned.


Adsense dashboard

*The below app is not active now please use Google’s official app for adsense from here. Which is having many features like integration with Google Analytics along with the below features.

To manage the adsense account status and earnings through your mobile we have AdSense Dashboard app.

Click here to download for your android mobile

Google Adsense dashboard

This is an Editor’s Choice app and is very well developed to help you in managing your Adsense account. It sync’s your account earnings from the moment you register your Adsense account with it.

Along with the earnings it highlights many other things like the number of ad units placed and which ad unit has generated revenue for you.

The app is freely available in the Google’s Play store and can help you easily accessing your AdSense earnings.


Thanks for reading. Share your views about the post content and the techniques you use to manage your Adsense & account easily and effectively with me through comments, I would be very happy to hear. Share this post with your buddies if you like it.

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I am Surya Konduru, began blogging to share what I meant was useful with the world as I do it with my friends. It’s been a year since I am blogging and it is really awesome to blog. By the way, I blog @,

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